Brad Pitt Jokes About His Household With Ellen DeGeneres

Oooh, Ellen DeGeneres scored big by booking Brad Pitt to come on her talk show to shoot the breeze and promote his new film, Moneyball (out Friday).  Many of us (or is it just me) have this perception of Pitt as an elusive movie star, unable to relate to the common folk because he’s kind of a big deal.  Judging from his interview with DeGeneres (airing tomorrow, September 22nd), nothing could be further from the truth.  The dude has a sense of humor.

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It’s always a pleasure to poke fun at one’s own children.  Ellen asked Brad  what mornings were like with his and Angelina Jolie’s six children-Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox.  “I have a niece who is 2…2 1/2…The energy with one child that I visit occasionally…I really don’t understand.  You have six of them,” Ellen said to Pitt.  “Yeah, did you ever see the movie Cuckoo’s Nest?  That’s morning time in our house. …Cheswick screaming for a cigarette, someone’s doing ballet over there and on it goes.” Pitt explained.

“Portia and I have been together for six years and you and Angie have been together about the same amount of time,” DeGeneres said.  “I just think wow, Maddox and Pax and Zahra and Buff and Hensman and…Tito. There is so many of them.  I don’t know how you balance? There’s got to be one really, really well behaved one.  Who’s your favorite?”

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Pitt laughed at that and gave the most diplomatic parental answer: “How do I get out of this one?”

What about alone time?  Ellen asked the Missouri native, “Do you just sometimes say, we will be back in a month? Just leave them at home?” To which Pitt explained, “We find our time.  We carve out Mommy, Daddy time… It’s called a hotel.”