Brad Pitt Is Back To Wearing All Beige, But It’s OK Cause He’s Brad Pitt

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Welp, it seems that the whole Brad Pitt is wearing non-beige” thing was very short lived.

The actor was spotted in New Orleans today once again sporting his favorite combo of beige on beige on beige. OK, so technically it’s white on beige on beige. But come on, it might as well be the former.

Brad is very lucky that he’s Brad Pitt and therefore everything looks amazing on him. Plus, he was out today in his very neutral outfit for a very good cause. 

Brad was checking out New Orleans’ Sugar Mill where he will be hosting a gala Saturday night to benefit groups across the country that his Make It Right foundationsupports. Bruno Mars and King of Leon will be performing, so it’s sure to be quite the star-studded affair and will hopefully raise loads of money.

Here’s to hoping that Brad will wear a color other than beige. Please. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Brad’s look today. Does his outfit not bother you as much as it’s bothering me? Sound off in the comments!