Brad Pitt & His Double Fight Off The Zombies [PHOTOS]

Yeah, Brad Pitt’s stunt double on World War Z really doesn’t look anything like him. It was another day on set for Brad Pitt in his zombie fueled film.

Brad’s co-stars Ed Harris, Anthony Mackie, and Matthew Fox have yet to begin filming.

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Earlier this week, Brad was visited by daughters Shiloh and Zahara, along with his partner Angelina Jolie, during a lunch break. He had no such luck today.

Brad once again proved what a sweet guy he is. The actor sent Jackass star Bam Margera a text regarding the death of his co-star Ryan Dunn:

Wow, just got a nice text from brad pitt concerning dunn, tnx 2 everyone for the texts, cheers me up

Pitt appeared with Margera on MTV’s Jackass in the 2002 sketch “The Abduction,” in which the Oscar-nominated actor pretended to get kidnapped.