Brad Pitt Hires His Own Private Train For Family

Think of all the celebrities who would hire their own train. Doesn’t Brad Pitt just top that list for you? Brad and Angelina Jolie thought it would be a good idea to hire a private train to take them, their kids and the 350 crew members of Brad’s new film World War Z from London to Glasgow.

Onlookers of the train event told People, “Three cars suddenly drove onto the platform from the street, pulled up alongside the train and then they all got out. Brad was in one car with some of the kids and Angelina was in another with the others. They were all smiling and looked really happy, but then I suppose it’s not every day that a kid gets to have their own train to play with!” How come my parents won’t get me a train?

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Guess getting the kids a train to amuse themselves is better than to constantly have to take them places in England like the Pottery Cafe. Brad rented the train from Virgin charter which lets its clients pretty much chose whatever they want on their train. The train comes with a variety of amenities like a shop, bathroom and restaurant. No sleeping compartments on this one though, apparently that costs extra.

I wonder what kind of mischief the Jolie-Pitt family will get into in Scotland. Maybe Maddox will suddenly decide he wants a super long, crazy mohawk just like his dad. In case, I’m sure Brad and Angie will sneak away from some alone time. I don’t how they manage to do that with their 12,000 children, but some how they do. Props. Check out the gallery for some great pictures of the train. Are you jealous you didn’t get your own train? Share your thoughts in the comments.