Brad Pitt Has To Bribe His Kids With Soda [PHOTOS]

Megamind Premiere
Brad Pitt wears leather pants.
We’re not complaining about all these pictures of Brad Pitt that keep popping up.  Last night (January 31st), Pitt and Moneyball co-star Jonah Hill taped an episode of Inside The Actors Studio (airing February 10th on Bravo).  Tonight (February 1st) in New York City, Pitt made his way through a whole mess of people to appear on The Daily Show.

Pitt recently admitted that he sometimes uses Coca Cola to bait his kids to get ready in the morning, according to the Daily Mail.   ‘Listen, I admit there’s times like, “‘We gotta get up. Get up! Here’s your shoes. Here’s your shoes.  Drink this Coke.  Drink this Coca Cola. Drink it all. Right now! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it!” Just so we could get ‘em up and going.'”

Hey, my sisters and I were bribed with Happy Meals and we turned out alright.