Brad Pitt Has An Interesting New Role, And Did You Hear Who He Wants To Perform At His Wedding?

Erin Cosgrove | April 3, 2014 - 5:00 am

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With all of the amazing work Brad Pitt does, it’s only natural to be on the edge of your seat waiting for the next role.

Now fans of the super talented actor no longer have to wait for information on what the mastermind will be doing since his 12 Years a Slave producing and acting success.

We have some idea of what’s coming up for him, though admittedly, it’s vague while giving us some great insight.

Entertainment Weekly reports that his next roleis a World War II romantic thriller. Somehow those two seem to contradict each other. Romance is thrilling, but now in the way you would think a movie is. I usually think of a thriller as a suspenseful film that leaves you on the edge of your seat and psychologically drained when it’s over.

Okay, I take it back, maybe the two don’t contradict after all. Romance in itself can have that effect on people.

A more intriguing topic in my opinion would have to be his anticipated wedding with Angelina Jolie. It feels like we’ve been waiting centuries for these two to finally tie the knot. In addition to us being curious about the bride’s wedding dress, we want to know who will be performing.

According to a source, Pitt would love to have Kings of Leon perform. You would think the immediate answer is “yes!”, but sadly that’s not exactly the case. They would love to perform if their schedule permits. Let’s hope it does so the groom can have an extremely memorable experience!

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