Brad Pitt Gets Chocked While We See Double On The Set Of ‘The Counselor’ [PHOTOS]

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What a day of filming it was for Brad Pitt.

Brad was spotted on the set of his latest movie The Counselor this weekend where not only did he have to work on his chocking skills, but also on his not getting freaked on by his stunt double skills. Seriously, they did such a good job making that stunt double look like him that I’m getting freaked out.

Sadly there was no super sexy Michael Fassbender joining him set to make the day perfect. It’s like Brad and Michael just don’t care about our happiness. 

Also, does anyone else miss Brad Pitt with short hair? This whole Fabio thing he’s had going on for a while just isn’t doing it for me anymore. Come on Brad! I know you’ve got super sexy under there somewhere!

Don’t forget to check out Brad and his stunt double in the gallery and to tell us how much you have a love/hate relationship with Brad’s hair in the comments!