Brad Pitt Doesn’t Wear Black On ‘GMA,’ Says Angelina Is Doing Well Post Surgery

Pitt gets a fan's unexpected kiss
Actor Brad Pitt hits the streets of Times Square prior to making an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America earlier today (June 17, 2013) to promote his new film World War Z in New York City.

Brad actually wore some color today. Well he wore clothing that wasn’t black for a change. No, he didn’t go all neon on us, Pitt went for grey and olive.

During his interview with George Stephanopoulos, Brad discussed his fiancee’s, Angelina Jolie, decision to undergo an operation to remove her breasts earlier this year after being diagnosed with the BRCA1 mutated gene which causes breast cancer. 

He said, ”She’s doing great. When she wrote her piece, we had already come out the other end and we’re feeling really good about it. We’re really surprised and moved by how many people are dealing with the same issue, or wondering about the same issue … It’s just been a beautiful thing to watch.”

Watch the interview below.

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