Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Work The Matching Suit Look At The Global Summit To End Sexual Violence In Conflict

You know the best way to raise awareness for an important cause?

Have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wear matching suits and speak at your event. The duo were the special guests today at day 3 of the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict conference. As a UN Special Envoy, Angelina Jolie made a speech at today’s event, and had Brad by her side.

I love that they do stuff like this. Sure they’ll come and play nice at the premiere of Maleficent , but then they’re gonna be off doing important things. 

Also, I know this is important and we shouldn’t be focusing on the superficial, but damn, how hot does Brad Pitt look right now? I love him so much more in black than I do in his awful beige outfits. Why does he only have two colors these days? It’s silly.

Brad and Angelina also walked arm in arm as they checked out the exhibit. They were being super cute for the cameras. I know part of it has to be an act, but damn, it’s a good one. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from today’s event, and click here for more information on the summit. Be informed!