Brad Goreski Talks Rachel Zoe And His New Show

Bow-tie Brad is definitely someone to keep an eye on! Since leaving The Rachel Zoe Project, Rachel Zoe’s former assistant has been keeping busy. He is filming his new Bravo show It’s a Brad Brad World, working on a book, and writing for InStyle magazine.

Brad Goreski told Fashionista that he and his ex-boss do not really speak anymore and when asked why it is he left, he responded:

It’s not like it was two weeks, it was three years almost. So, I felt like I had worked up to a point and I really enjoyed working with her but I thought I was getting too old to be an assistant. I’m 34 years old now.

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He says that he isn’t watching this season of The Rachel Zoe Project, but is not liking how he’s being portrayed. He told Fashionista:

I’m not watching the show so I don’t really know exactly what she’s saying but, I mean, she has her own opinion and point of view of things. I just heard that I left to spend time with my boyfriend and my dogs. I’m like, my dogs? What? What do Jasper and Penelope have to do with me leaving?

Zoe didn’t waste any time finding someone new to replace Brad with. Her new, eye-candy, assistant is Jeremiah Brent. Wonder what Brad Brad will have to say about him!  Besides that, Brad is working on his own show It’s a Brad Brad World, that will focus on his personal life and what went into starting his own business.

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