Brad Goreski Speaks Of His New Show, And His Falling Out With Rachel Zoe [VIDEO]

Who's hotter?
Bow-tie Brad or Rachel Zoe's new assistant Jeremiah Brent?

Unless you live under a rock, you know the story and the drama that surrounded Brad Goreski and his former boss Rachel Zoe. In a recent interview with Mediabistro’s Fishbowl LA, the stylist spoke of his new show, It’s a Brad, Brad World and his relationship with Zoe…well at least what’s left of it!

Since leaving The Rachel Zoe Show, Goreski has been busy with his own show and styling career. Bravo’s It’s a Brad, Brad World follows him as he starts his own styling business as well as his life with longtime boyfriend, TV writer and producer Gary Janetti.

When the topic of his ex-boss came up, Goreski answered all the questions candidly except for one. When asked whether or not Zoe keeps in contact with her former assistants, all he could muster up was: “Um, that I don’t… I actually, uh, have not heard of a relationship being kept.”

Watch the video after the jump for more of his interview!