Brad Goreski Stays ‘Fashion Forward’, Talks About Breakup With Rachel Zoe

December 21st, 2011 // 1 Comment

Life hasn’t really been easy for Brad Goreski since leaving his post as assistant to mega-stylist, Rachel Zoe. Zoe has been infamously unkind in light of the split, and it’s apparently been for nothing:  ”I think people will be surprised to see that when I left I didn’t have a ton of work,” Goreski admits when he sat down for an interview with The Daily Beast.

In fact, Goreski’s new show, It’s a Brad, Brad World, will open with Goreski actually looking for jobs. No time for meltdowns or dramatic last minute disasters! What a departure from The Rachel Zoe Project, huh?

Speaking of awkward departures, Goreski is apparently trying to keep the one between him and Zoe clean– well, as clean as you can get with a public feud. He keeps his remarks classy, stating, “It’s unfortunate that all of the time that I spent with her, and the many lengthy conversations that we had discussing my departure from working with her, that she would choose to character assassinate me on television.”

He also looked super classy at the Fashion Forward event last month, which benefited the gay men’s health crisis.

So good for him for trying to take the high road in this whole mess. I hope that his show obtains the level of that Goreski surely deserves. You can tune in for the premiere of It’s a Brad, Brad World on January 2nd on Bravo.

By Joycelene Fernandez

  1. David

    To start, I’m a gay man.

    However, Bravo has turned me off to the point I have turned IT off. It has become and agenda driven channel with the agenda being one of all gay men are the same… Limp wristed, cry-babies who are always on the look for the next Mr. Right-Now. For every step the gay community takes forward in gaining positive acceptance, the people on Bravo “gay” shows are so stereotypically gay that they set the rest of us back three steps. There is NOTHING positive about the stereotypes they show. Frankly, I find them and Bravo insulting and embarrassing.
    The only reason I commented here was to actually see that rediculous “Fashion-Forward” look. Plaid and bow ties are retro – right from the 60′s. That’s not forward-looking – that’s repeating history – a bad time in history.

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