Brad, Angelina And Their Merry Brood At The Park

November 5th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Brad Pitt, his old lady Angelina Jolie and some of their kids – honestly, I think they don’t remember how many they have – all went on an excursion to a park in Budapest while Jolie continues working on her directorial debut.

The couple were spotted with Shiloh, Zahara and Pax!

By Justin Thompson

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    Good for them cultivating a happy healthy family work everything life! Great to see them active and obviously still in love <3

  2. Anonymous

    Love these pics of Brad and Angie out with three of their little ones. It´s amazing to see how much Pax, Zee and Shi have all grown lately. They´re almost as tall. Love those pics of Brad and Shi on zipline. It´s easy to see that Shi is such a daddy´s little girl while Zee seems to be mum´s littlle girl at the moment. Pax also looks so adorable. He seems to be enjoying every moment in the park. Love that happy look on Shi´s face. She has this most expressive face just like her big sis. She has let her hair grow again. She looks so beautiful in these pics. Even the missing front tooth doesn´´t matter. She still has a beautiful smile. The future action star in the making.

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