Brace Yaselves: ‘Jersey Shore’ Returns January 5th On MTV [VIDEO]

Those nefarious boobs of Seaside Heights are back in the saddle and ready to tear sh*t up again.  According to Entertainment Weekly, season five of Jersey Shore returns with fresh-to-death episodes on January 5th @ 10pm. So….when you’re hungover New Year’s Day, expect a marathon to sit in front of while you shovel Chinese food into your mouth, reminding you that things could always be worse.

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In the preview of season five (after the jump), the gang reunites in their VD-infested Jersey pad for another summer of tube-tops-as-dresses and droomzdramadroomz.  Paulie D burnt his face at the tanning salon, learning a hard lesson in moderation.  Snooki put on a dress that will NOT please her garden gnome boyfriend, Jionni, who is meeting the gang at Karma.  Karma ain’t seen nothin’ like a techno-thirsty bunch o’ Seasiders!

Check out MTV’s preview of season five after the jump.