Boyzone Can Leave Their Hats On

Irish boy band Boyzone are making a comeback ala NKOTB, in an attempt to outdo their UK rivals Take That.

I’m guessing this would be, to my young self, a new battle of the bods between N’Sync and The Backstreet Boys (N’Sync would totally win).

So here the five are in Full Monty glory for Heat Magazine. These days 4 of the members are married, and one has come out and is in a civil partnership with his longtime love.

I have no words for the tight silver pants and black vests the guys are wearing on tour. You should also go after the jump to see the guys running on treadmills on stage in multi-color capri pants. Definitely worth a look.

When is Boyzone going to start their US tour? I’d much rather pay to see this sexy spectacle than see the New Kids. I think NKOTB needs to take a number from these UK boyband reunions and get their act together!

Photos: WENN

9 more photos of Boyzone in concert after the jump.

Photos: WENN