Boy George Is The Next ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Houseguest

This is the UK version kiddies. It is pure genious locking up Boy George with Anna Nicole Smith in a house together. The drama.

Fans of Celebrity Big Brother can look forward to some entertaining viewing this winter, as the reality TV show has signed on two of the most flamboyant personalities in show biz.

Former Culture Club singer Boy George will be moving in to the programme’s camera-filled residence, with his daily life filmed 24-hours a day. And the Eighties pop star will be sharing the house with curvaceous model Anna Nicole Smith, once the larger-than-life star of her own reality TV show.

The latest edition of Celebrity Big Brother, which starts in January, will also feature comic Johnny Vegas, funnyman Jimmy Tarbuck, Most Haunted’s Derek Acorah and Jocelyn Jee Esien of BBC3’s Three Non Blondes.

I wonder if Anna will bring in some TrimSpa with her to share with Boy?

Boy George Signs on As ‘Big Brother’ Housemate [Hello!]

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