Boy George Is A Wanted Man

We imagine that Boy George’s failure to pay the fine owed, or begin his community service (as a result of being tweaked out of his mind and calling the police to report a false burglary), is because he’s just been too busy to follow up with the pesky details. He’s a busy man that George. Nightclub DJ gigs, clubbing, and surfing online of sex – that takes up one’s time.

Judge Anthony Ferrara ridiculed the star for saying he could hold a make-up workshop as part of his punishment.

A lawyer for the singer – real name George O’Dowd – insisted he was trying to arrange something more worthwhile than sweeping streets in Manhattan. A further hearing on 26 June will rule if he broke the terms of his sentence.

Judge Ferrara went as far as to issue an arrest warrant for O’Dowd because he did not appear in person to explain why he had refused to begin his community service.

However, he said he would not order an arrest until next week’s hearing, giving O’Dowd a further opportunity to attend the court.

He also ridiculed the singer’s proposals to help teenagers create a public service announcement, stage a fashion and make-up workshop and play a DJ set at a benefit for Aids sufferers.

“I put people in jail who don’t pay fines, he said. “Why shouldn’t I do that?”The star – famous for his hits in the 1980s with Culture Club – “doesn’t serve himself well by not paying the fine” as “we know he has the means”, he added.

Get your act together George.

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