Boy Band Guru Busted in Indonesia

I know what you were thinking when you read this title. But actually, what he was caught doing was bank fraud. Lou Pearlman, the man behind “Backstreet Boys” and “‘N Sync,” has been arrested by American authorities on charges of bank fraud, after he was turned over to the FBI by Indonesian officials. Pearlman has been in hiding for months, avoiding multiple lawsuits as well as one felony count of bank fraud.

Banks are hounding Pearlman and his companies for more than $120 million, according to bankruptcy court documents. It wasn’t entirely clear how he allegedly committed bank fraud in the federal charges, which were filed in a criminal complaint March 2 and sealed until Thursday.

I always thought he was one sketchy character. And this is totally random, but I somehow started to think about the “New Kids on the Block” and couldn’t remember if there was a fat, creepy manager character in their cartoon show, and that’s when I found this.

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