BowWow Admits That He Has A Daughter

After continuous denials, the 24-year-old revealed to his fans that this June, his daughter Shai Moss entered the world.

Shad Gregory Moss aka BowWow wrote on his website:

“I waited so long to tell yall the truth because I was nervous on how yall would look at me. Yall know everyone makes a big deal out of everything I do. I wanted to be 1st n let yall know the real.My lil girl is getting BIG fast. I love every minute of it. She inspires me to go harder. Even made me treat my mother better, its like it made me into a man over night.Yes! I change diapers. Aint as bad as I thought hahaha.”

BowWow’s ex-girlfriend, music video model Joie Chavis, is the mother of his daughter. He says that his daughter lives five hours away with Chavis but is worth the trips. He refuses to let his daughter into the public eye. “Never been a fan of posting pix of my daughter,” he wrote. “Reason is because I want my boo boo to have everything I didnt. I know how fame is. I missed out on so much.”

BowWow admits his battle with depression

“For the past 3 years I been batteling life. Even thought about taking my own. I felt like as a kid i did everything and saw everything too fast which spoiled my adult years. I felt as if I had no purpose to live (Thinking selfishly) until god gave me the illest gift of my life,” he wrote yesterday.”

Congratulations BowWow, seen here during an appearance (wearing a Levi’s Trucker Jacket) on fuse back in April, on fatherhood, and we hope the typical baby mama drama doesn’t come your way!