Booted ‘American Idol’ Singer Paul McDonald Confirms He’s Dating ‘Twilight’s’ Nikki Reed

At least Paul McDonald has someone to console him after this loss. McDonald confirmed to US Weekly that he is indeed dating Nikki Reed.

“[Nikki’s] supercool,” he told Us Weekly Thursday night in L.A. “She’s been real supportive of this whole thing. She’s actually pumped up now because she likes my original material way better than all the stuff I do on the show.” McDonald said the two “don’t get to see each other too much because [they’re] both working so hard.”

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Paul is very excited to get back to singing his own material. “I’m actually not very good at singing other people’s songs,” said McDonald. There is “only so, so much you can do singing other people’s songs and get them across.”

Nikki just arrived back from filming Breaking Dawn in Vancouver, so now she’ll have Paul to herself. She’s apparently not at all upset that he’s off the show.

“She is actually pumped,” he said. “She said, ‘Dude, you finally get to do your thing and be yourself and be the artist you are.’ She is happy about the whole situation. She has been nothing but cool to me.”

I guess it’s a win win for everyone!