Boo Boo Stewart: 2010 Teen Choice Awards

Such a cutie, this one. Boo Boo Stewart arrives at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards looking oh-so-presh!

And let me just say, that although Boo Boo plays the ever endearing and save-the-day werewolf, Seth Clearwater, in Eclipse, this boy is also very gentleman like in real life as I learned first hand at the Young Hollywood Awards last May.

My earring fell out midway through our interview, and he was kind enough to pick it up for me and even compliment me that I looked pretty! Love. This. Kid. Why are you only 16? Boooo..

He may not be up for any awards tonight but make sure to watch tomorrow to see if Boo Boo gets any stage time with the rest of the Twilight cast who are set to make an appearance at the show!

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