Bono Is Now Officially A Knight In Shining Armor

December 26th, 2006 // 6 Comments

For his global humanitarian efforts, the frontman of the Irish rock group, U2, Bono, has been awarded honorary British knighthood. Well, Merry Christmas, to you sir. From CNN:

“The British Embassy in Dublin takes great pleasure in announcing that Her Majesty The Queen has appointed Bono to be an honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in recognition of his services to the music industry and for his humanitarian work,” according to an embassy news release.

The British ambassador to Ireland, David Reddaway, is to give Bono — a member of the rock group U2 — an “insignia of this honorary award” after New Year’s in a ceremony in the Irish capital.

More on Bono’s knighthood, plus more photos of Bono, after the jump.

Queen’s knighthood for Bono [CNN]

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The embassy pointed out that titles such as “Sir” or “Dame” do not come with such honorary awards, “conferred on citizens of countries of which The Queen is not Head of State.”

Well, that kind of sucks and is a little red flag for me to know that I shouldn’t be busting my ass for recognition from the British Empire if knighthood isn’t going to require people refer to me as Dame Lisa Timmons. See, THAT is why I’m not more of a philanthropic individual. That, and I’m selfish. And my heart, unlike my feet, is two sizes too small.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Harry

    Bonio is a Irish terrorist supporting piece of filth, so low that he even has Tony Blair as a “friend”

    I cannot believe that many British people want this scum honoured with anything but a bankrupcy petition

  2. harry, go fuck yourself you jealous piece of shit.

  3. harry

    you are optimistic if you think I’d be jealous of that lowlife turd

  4. GO fuck Ian Paisley harry. Trust me, you are in the minority

  5. Steve

    Harry, you stupid git. Go ride a razor blade bareback like the twat you really are. Bono’s done so much more for people he’ll never meet than you could dream of before lunch.

  6. Aimee


    you sir, are worse than Hitler

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