Bonnie Fuller’s Got Snot in Her Food

Loving this. This was posted today by Page Six.

SOME of Bonnie Fuller’s miffed minions have gone to disgusting extremes to exact revenge on the hard-driving editorial director of American Media.

An anonymous former staffer tells the March issue of Vanity Fair that a few of Fuller’s fed-up editorial assistants befouled a free meal that Bonnie had ordered them to pack up and send home in a company car so she and her husband could enjoy it later.

“She was just being so, so horrible to so many people and . . . look, I swear to God, we’re really nice people,” the ex-staffer tells the magazine. “You just don’t know what we went through.” One assistant “had a bad cold, so she, um, pulled some stuff out of her nose. That went in the mini-souffle chocolate cakes. And the loaf of bread . . . that went inside my pants.”

Be scared of what you eat Bonnie. Be very scared!