Bonnie Fuller Still Hated!


Someone really really hates Bonnie “Leona” Fuller. An employee of American Media — the company that publishes the Star and the National Enquirer — has trashed editorial director Bonnie Fuller in a catty e-mail to PAGE SIX. On top of that, apparently 60 Minutes II is preparing a Bonnie expose.

Gawker has the entire email. I’ve highlighted a few portions as well:

- Bonnie uses a stupid yellow pencil for writing captions (I’m assuming while editing).
– Bonnie walks like a duck.
– Bonnie is a liar.
– Bonnie has compulsive disorders.
– Bonnie is frugal.
– Bonnie looks like a chubbier Ricky Lake.
– Bonnie is overpaid.
– Bonnie is afraid of getting old.
– Bonnie is the ultimate anti-feminist.
– Bonnie is a money grubbing whore.

. . . and it goes on. It really is a must read.