Bonnie Fuller Isn’t Dirt-y

Page Six quotes National Enquirer/Star magazine editor Bonnie Fuller as denying that FX’s show Dirt is about her.

Bonnie Fuller, who oversees the National Enquirer and Star magazine, is happy to see Courteney Cox playing an editor of two weekly tabloids in “Dirt,” which debuts tomorrow on FX. But Fuller doesn’t rate the show highly in terms of realism.

Cox, who starred for years on “Friends,” has dark hair like Fuller, and her character, Lucy Spiller, will “do anything to get a story” – but the series is a complete “work of fiction,” Fuller, the editorial director of American Media Inc., told Page Six’s Corynne Steindler.

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“If you don’t believe me,” said Fuller, “compare our offices.”

Some speculate Cox has a personal motive for creating a series that features a sleaze-mongering, scoop-crazed editor. “Dirt” could be Cox’s payback to the tabloid editors who have exposed the details of her own life – she’s married to actor David Arquette and they have a daughter, Coco, who was tracked in the weeklies before she was even born.

But Fuller says graciously, “I’m sure Courteney’s total focus is having a hit, not getting back at anyone.”

From what I’ve read, this bitch is anything but gracious. Apparently, she’s the editorial equivalent of Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS. She probably thinks Courtney’s character is a major pussy compared to her.