Bon Jovi Receives Bomb Threat

Finally, someone took the initiative! Aging Mom haircut band Bon Jovi were all set to perform at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Fl last night when someone with taste called in a bomb threat. The caller said that he had planted two bombs in an attempt to improve popular music. Ok, he didn’t say that but I did.

Fans were evacuated and bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in. It was eventually determined to be have been a hoax. Fans were allowed back in at 9:30 and Bon Jovi took their middle of the road crap act to the stage.

It’s been concert mishap central around here lately. Kenny Chesney nearly lost his foot! It’s like God is finally speaking up about terrible music!

You know Richie Sambora called that in. Bitch is beat to hell, facing prison, drunk, probably going to have his daughter taken away by Heather Locklear and still has to play “Wanted Dead Or Alive” every night next to Jon’s annoying everyone-loves-him ass. I’d call in a bomb threat, too.

Photos: WENN