I Don’t Think Natalie Portman’s Feeling Scarjo

February 15th, 2008 // 16 Comments

Doesn’t she look a little tired of Scarlett Johansson? Natalie’s ok, we went through readings, filming and rehearsal and I’m done. Damn, I was Amidala, I do not have it put up with this trick! Senatah, the trade agreement for Naboo sucks! Call me one of those body language experts that US Weekly’s always employing. That black-nailed hand is about to dig into Scarjo’s shoulder. Here’s some shots from the photocall for “The Other Boleyn Girl” at the Berlin Film Festival. Then again, maybe Natalie’s just sullen about having to sit through Madonna’s terrible film.

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15 more photos of Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Eric Bana from the ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ Photocall at the Berlin Film Festival are after the jump.

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Photos: Getty Images

By J. Harvey

  1. Persistent Cat

    Remember when Lost in Translation came out and it won awards left right and centre. Bill Murray and Sofia Coppolla would gush endlessly about each other but they NEVER mentioned ScarJo. Tells you something.

  2. T-Bone

    Natalie Portman is amazingly beautiful, and Eric Bana is right up there as well.

  3. Queen Caffeine

    I love inner mono-blog.

  4. Del Boca Vista

    Speaking of “Lost in Translation”, I didn’t even like that movie, and it was mostly beacuse of Scarlett’s character. I just didn’t see the appeal of watching this whiny, moping, forelorn girl drag her ass around Tokyo (or wherever they were) and making her boyfriend/husband miserable. Everyone kept saying how good it was. I don’t even remember the plot. Just being incredibly BORED.

  5. Queen Caffeine

    Del Boca Vista…I just love your name. :)

  6. Stephanie

    Umm…wtf is scarjo wearing!?

  7. Jane Pitt

    Scarlett was so annoying after Lost in Translation and all the hype that she never lived up to, still annoys me just looking at her. She is another one who has been in consecutive box office failures over the past 5 years. Looking at her and Natalie together their film could be named the Hottie and the Nottie. Scar just looks like a porcine faced troll next to Natalie.

  8. Hey Cupcake

    I know everyone worships at the altar of Natalie and hates on Scarjo, but honestly, I find both of them pretty unremarkable. Natalie’s trying to channel Hepburn, and Scarjo, a mopey Marilyn. I don’t have particular issues with or affinity for either of them. But it could just be my serotonin levels are off. :-/

    On the other hand, I loved Lost in Translation! I think Bill Murray, and the soundtrack, were awesome.

  9. eat_your_make_up

    ‘the prestige’ was a big hit on the box office and hey! scarlett was in that film… i prefer that she sticks to low budget movies like woody allen’s or ‘a love song for bobby long’ type of films than to do a shitty ‘star wars trilogy’.

    BY THE WAY, scarlett has got more awards and nominations for her acting than natalie……………

  10. justifymylove

    can they just please go home already? since I can’t work when they close of the whole part of the hotel in which i work in for the press conferences???
    thank you!

  11. JanePitt

    Scarlett is shite as an actress, plus, she has never been nominated for an Oscar. When she didn’t get an Oscar nomination for LIT she acted like the egomaniacal ass she was whining that the academy didn’t recognize young talent. Which wasn’t true because dozens of actors under the age of 10 have been nominated for the oscars and a couple of them have even wone it. She won a BAFTA award before people discovered this bitch can’t act.

  12. mojoman

    Love both of them! I am surprised there are so many people that dislike ScarJo. I think they have different styles and charisma. If everyone is like Natalie, the acting arena will be a very boring place. Please, with the standard of Hollywood has right now where any Paris, Lindsay and Britney can be in a movie, I will take ScarJo anytime!!

  13. Mezza

    Don’t particularly give a pooh about either of them either way, but i gotta say these are two of the ugliest outfits i have ever seen. Daggy hair, too.

  14. l

    to 9 scarlett wasn’t the main character in the prestige she had a small part Hugh Jackman was the star in fact scarlett never had a hit movie starring her.Also natalie won a golden globe scarlett no she can’t act…

  15. yaya

    Stephanie & Mezza – yes! I’m suddenly feeling much better about my own appearance this afternoon!

  16. Jason

    I think people are getting tired of ScarJo to tell you the truth. She’s really not that good an actress and in all honesty she is really not all that attractive physically (she’s certainly no Britney Spears). I personally think Natalie Portman is better, lookswise and talentwise. I always though Scarlett was highly overrated and when she was named “Sexiest Woman Alive”, I just about died laughing, because she so isn’t. I think Natalie is alot classier and alot more beautiful. Next to Britney, Natalie is one of the world’s top beauties.

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