Body Buzz: Top Ten Most Fit Females In 2006

December 27th, 2006 // 16 Comments

Let’s face it – lists are just plain fun! I thought I would rank the most fit female celebrities based on diet and exercise routines. We all watch the television or the big screen and wonder how they manage to look so fit and healthy all the time (well most celebrities – the ones with the eating disorders will be left out of this list). Hollywood celebrities are real (despite the fact that some of their images in the media are digitally enhanced), they struggle with the same weight and exercise challenges as we all do, but here are a few who have a rigorous plan to keep them looking young and healthy.

10. Heidi Klum – Heidi has had three kids and she looks so wonderful! Her workout routine includes a strict program of cardio and strength training. The Ultimate New York diet is what got her supermodel ready after giving birth to her second child, which combines healthy eating and exercise with fast results and long term good health.

9. Madonna – Madge has never looked better she is approaching fifty and looking fabulous! Madonna needs to be in excellent shape with all the dancing and movement she incorporates into her performances, she had a personal trainer but now practices Ashtanga Yoga. This method of Yoga involves synchronizing the breath with progressive series of postures–a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.

8. Gisele Bundchen - This Brazilian beauty enjoys volleyball and extreme sports to keep her supermodel figure in shape! Gisele has been noted as having “The bod that launched 1,000 fitness memberships.” One of her friends tattles that she “eats like a pig”, but the key for her is maintaining an active lifestyle with windsurfing and Pilates.

The top seven fittest females are after the jump.

7. Maria Sharapova - Maria of course stays in shape by playing tennis, however, when she is traveling she swears by Sybel’s Yoga for Sports and Fitness. Improving her flexibility and strength aiding Maria’s tennis game and teaches her to be more relaxed.

6. Jessica Alba - With a killer body like Jessica has who didn’t mind seeing her bikini clad in the movie Into the Blue for practically the whole movie. Jessica practices kickboxing and she loves to lift weights. Eating healthy is also a big part of Jessica’s lifestyle she cooks herself and rarely goes to restaurants if she can avoid them.

5. Jennifer Aniston - Jennifer, who has sworn by the Zone Diet for years, lost an impressive amount of weight before Friends and during the first season. Jennifer was just featured with her yoga instructor in Self magazine and looks amazing! She spoke about how yoga changed her life a total mind and body makeover. She also enjoys a cardio workout to keep her in the best shape possible.

4. Eva Longoria - Eva has a strict workout routine to keep herself in peak physical condition. She does kickboxing at least three times a week alternating yoga and weight training with her cardio workout. She also keeps her derriere looking perfect by doing lunges, squats and leg presses. She also watches what she eats to some extent because of her height packing on ten pounds can look like 15-20 on someone of her size.

3. Cameron Diaz – Keeping up with beau Justin Timberlake must be a challenge so Cameron stays in tune with him by surfing, hiking and snowboarding. One of her favorite exercise movements to do is reverse lunges. Cameron has no specific diet plan other than to enjoy the foods she eats in moderation.

2. Denise Richards - Despite a public divorce, and a media circus that surrounds her romance with Richie Sambora, Denise is able to maintain a great figure and keep her regular workout schedule. Denise used a personal trainer to take off the pounds from her pregnancy with Lola. She’s been kickboxing and doing abdominal exercises four to six times weekly – and adhering to a portion-controlled diet.

1. Jessica Simpson - She looked amazing in the Dukes of Hazzard movie, and she still looks fabulous. Jessica was with a personal trainer everyday and it got her in the best shape of her life. Jessica did an hour of cardio and abs combined followed by and hour of weights everyday in order to get her bikini ready in the movie. Lunges and squats with 7 pound weights are what did the trick to make her legs and butt look amazing. Simpson continues to stay in shape with cardio and weight training along with a low carb, low sugar diet but eats more vegetables and protein to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  1. amber

    What! That is ridiculous. Maybe Jessica was in shape during Dukes of Hazard but shouldn’t she have to keep that body to be #1?

  2. No offense, but where is Jessica Biel? Have you even seen the latest pics of her? Or any candid this year which was of her either exercising or running with her dog?

  3. TinMan

    What, no Jessica Biel? She practically lives at the gym in Brentwood. And when she’s not there, she’s walking her mutts or cavorting on the beach.

  4. Like I said

    Without Jessica Biel this list is bubkes

  5. katie

    No way does Jessica Simpson have a better body then Gisele. I have to say for reals on the where is Jessica Biels comments.

  6. I sincerely hope you’re kidding, comparing a world class athlete – Maria Sharapova – with Hollywood stars in a contest of who’s more “fit”.

  7. dmumsie

    Practical Angelina could kick them down and take them all out!

  8. adrianachristensen

    I love her, but I’m pretty sure Angelina has an eating disorder. In candids, she does not look “fit”–just excruciatingly thin.

  9. It’s ashame Jessica Biels did not make the list. Jessica Biels is an excellent example of a beautiful, HEALTHY, fit woman. Honestly, she should have been the number one pick.

  10. Twhit

    Jessica Simpson by far has the best body. Jessica Biel..u kiddin? She is more cut than LL Cool J..not my cup of tea.

  11. Are you smoking peyote?

    Jessica Biel can kick all these girls butts in the gym.

  12. Bex

    You forgot Jessica Biel and Evangeline Lilly for Gawd’s sakes.

  13. lala

    wtf? jsut because someones skinny doesnt mean they have an eating disorder. your just some fat jealous loser (adrianachristensen). stop hating.

  14. bluespanishsky

    First thing i did was look for Jessica Biel. How in the world did she not make the list. I agree with the Tryce_King who said she is an excellent example of what beauty is. She is a fit and healthy women. She works hard for that body and it looks great.

    Also where is Evangilline Lilly? She’s definitely got to be number 2 behind Jessica Biel.

    As for Jessica Simpson…blah. As another poster stated, yes she looked pretty good in Dukes of Hazard, but dosen’t she need to maintain her body to be number 1? It looks like she lost all her muscle tone.

  15. GossipGirl

    Everybody is this list is too damn skinny (except for Madonna) or average-looking. That’s not hot. Where’s ScarJo? And Jessica Biel?

  16. b.

    How could you possibly omit Sarah Jessica Parker? She looks like she could bend a lampost with Those arms! Plus:Brooke Sheilds,J Lo,BeBe Neuwirth,Jane Leeves,(both for their calves). Patrice Neal and;in spite of their recent travails;Brittney Spears and Heater Locklear.

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