Body Buzz: Top Ten Fittest Male Celebrities in 2006

A few days ago we ranked the fittest female celebrities, and now it’s the guys turn. This list is based upon workout routine, diet, and the physique of the person. We all know that a well balanced diet and daily exercise are the two greatest contributing factors to a healthy lifestyle. Here is a list of some of the guys that go above and beyond the call of duty to maintain their perfectly toned bodies.

Honorable Mention: Jessica Biel - Jessica as one of our readers stated “is more cut than LL Cool J”. Jessica seriously it is one thing to have a toned body and look like Jennifer Garner when she was in Alias, but you have taken it too far. You need to slow down you look like a man with those arms and your broad shoulders.

10. Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and Christian Bale - A few words here: Troy, Troy and Batman Begins! Yeah, yeah – Troy and Batman Begins did not come out this year, but those movies are on DVD and can be enjoyed again and again. I think it’s only fair to pay respect to the three hottest bods to ever grace the silver screen. They still look great this year as well, Brad keeps busy chasing the kids around and Eric and Christian still maintain a regular workout schedules.

9. Jake Gyllenhaal - Jake was all over the magazines this year with his shirt off and his perfectly toned abs. Jake enjoys surfing, skateboarding, running and cycling with pals Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey.

8. Justin Timberlake and Usher - These two singing and dancing hotties keep their bodies finely tuned with a rigorous abs and weight training workout. Justin also enjoys extreme sports and has been spotted many times surfing the waves of the Pacific.

The top seven picks for most fit male celebrities of 2006 are after the jump.

(Jake Gyllenhaal photo courtesy of Flynet)

7. Taye Diggs - Although his show Daybreak was cancelled by ABC, that won’t keep Taye down! Taye can be seen working out at The Sports Club/LA by shooting hoops and lifting weights. He has one of the best bodies that I have ever seen and most women will agree with me.

6. Matthew McConaghey - Matthew has been all over this year, even while shooting movies on location he maintains his regular workout schedule. Matthew has been seen running, cycling, doing yoga on the beach and swimming in the surf with pal Lance Armstrong. Let’s appease the “gay rumors” right now they are NOT gay! No matter Matthew is always working out and he is in what he quotes as the best shape of his life!

5. David Beckham - Despite the fact that he is no longer the captain of England’s soccer team, Becks still maintains his perfect physique. It’s not as hard as you might think to look like David. Three times a week he does press ups 2 sets of 25 but not on consecutive days and that is all it takes to get those perfect pecks. Becks also keeps his six pack toned by doing sit-ups. He also follows a regular diet that includes plenty of water, protein and absolutely no soda not even diet drinks!

4. Mark Wahlberg - He designed the “Marky Mark Workout Video” that was a hit in gay bars across the country years ago, and they probably still play it today! He has an incredible body the man is fine! Mark has an effective abdominal workout routine and a strict diet plan he follows no carbs after 6 p.m.! Although he has put his bad boy past behind him, he still maintains his “bad boy” workout!

3. Ryan Reynolds - Rent the Amitinyville Horror and you will see why he is number three on the list. HOLY ABS Batman! Ryan works on one body part each day – chest, back, shoulders, legs with arms mixed in and abs regularly. Ryan also follows a strict diet. He eats something pretty much every 2-3 hours, never “stuffing” himself, but never allowing himself to go hungry. He also drinks tons of water throughout the day.

2. Lance Armstrong - Livestrong is the key word here! Lance is a world class athlete and describes himself as being in the best shape if his life. Even though he did not participate in the Tour De France this year he did run the New York City marathon and can be seen running, cycling, and mountain biking. Retirement can’t slow Lance down he plans to participate in the Leadville 100 one of the toughest mountain biking races in the world.

1. LL Cool J – The ladies love cool James without a doubt and men want to be him! LL follows an intense workout routine and has a very disciplined diet to maintain his impeccable body. He workouts every day and never drinks alcohol because he does not want it to hinder his health or body at all. LL has been working with the same personal trainer for 5 years and he is pushing him through a 45 minute workout that includes “supersets” which is basically pairing pull-ups with incline bench presses, then it’s on to the treadmill for an intense caloric burn! LL is also co-author of the book titled “LL Cool J’s Platinum Work Out”, which is available now. It’s easy to see why LL Cool J is number one on this list.

Happy New Year to all ASL readers!

(Matthew McConaughey photo courtesy of Flynet)