Body Buzz: Sweet Surrender

So I am at work and the company decides that my desk is the perfect place for the “company candy dish” and I on the other hand am like oh good so you just place temptation right in my face. You must really be testing my will power! Ha! Well lucky for me I just don’t care if it’s there or not, but sometimes I look at the dish and think “man I need a piece of chocolate.” I am not going to lie I do indulge from time to time but with everything comes moderation. According to a recent study 80 percent of people admit to eating goodies placed in the break room, sitting on a co-workers desk or a candy dish at a friend’s house just because it is there! Candy is the worst for instant weight gain, but sometimes you just need a sweet fix or a piece of chocolate. Here are some tips to enjoy your sweets without over indulging and then feeling guilty!

More on how to sensibly control those candy craves after the jump.

Its so easy to eat one right after the other and pretty soon you have consumed your weight in Hershey’s kisses, but out of sight out of mind works for a lot of people. Keep the goodies in the freezer then when you decide to dig in your frozen treats will take longer to eat. Have a glass of skim milk with your chocolate goodies and you have a satisfying snack. When you are at the store try picking up a bag of the fun sizes they are perfectly portioned so having a bag every once in while is ok. As long as you eat sensibly the rest of the day a 100-200 calorie daily splurge won’t derail your diet.

Candy Grams – A delicious snack for less than 100 calories per bag!
Peanut M & M’s fun size: 90 calories
Snickers Fun Size: 80 calories
Milky Way Fun Size: 75 calories
Kit Kat Snack Size: 73 calories
Skittles Fun Size: 80 calories