Body Buzz: Avoid Weekend Weight Gain

On Friday at five o’clock, we’re out the door for our weekly two-day vacation and for most of us, the rules that we followed during the work week seem to go out the window. There are parties, happy hours, family functions and just being on-the-go that all contribute to falling of the healthy-eating wagon. If your slim-down routine takes a backseat on the weekends, here are some tips on how to regain control.

One of the most common problems is that we tend to graze all weekend long. Without a structured schedule, whatever food is within arm’s reach is what we tend to go for. Try this: on Friday during your lunch, take a few minutes to review your weekend plans. Identify any problems that you may encounter–like maybe a baby shower on Saturday. You know there will be food there and you’re not sure how can you avoid overeating. Make sure to start your day by drinking plenty of water and always eating a healthy breakfast. And right before you go, eat a piece of string cheese, a handful of grapes or a yogurt. This way you have something in your stomach, but can still allow yourself to indulge in a small piece of cake!

OK, I know what you’re thinking: “She just told me to eat breakfast, have a snack and fill up on water? That seems like a lot of food, plus I’m going to eat when I get to the party! That’s crazy!” But, according to a study conducted at Saint Louis University, women who ate a big breakfast such as eggs and toast or whole wheat waffles, consumed 400 less calories over the next 24 hours opposed to those who consumed only a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast.

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