Body Buzz: Anna Nicole Smith, The Chaotic Life of The Former Model

February 9th, 2007 // 12 Comments

Anna Nicole Smith was born Vickie Lynn Hogan, November 28, 1967 in Houston Texas. While growing up she told childhood friends she would be the next Marilyn Monroe. Hugh Hefner spotted her and immediately saw the resemblance – her striking features and her figure was almost uncanny. She appeared in Playboy for the first time in March of 1992 and was the centerfold in May of that same year. In 1993 she was named Playmate of the year, and was named Guess Jeans official spokes model. What she is most remembered for is her marriage to Billionaire J. Howard Marshall who was 89 and died 14 months after they were married. Pulling Anna into long drawn out legal battles over the family fortune. Anna Nicole lived a whirlwind life with plenty of tragedy, pain and drama. So today on the day after her death we find ourselves wondering what happened to Anna and let the speculation and rumors of how she died begin.

Some thinks it’s the fact that she was taking TRIMSPA, to my knowledge TRIMSPA has not had any reported cases that the product caused someone’s death. Anna lost nearly 80 pounds from using TRIMSPA, she was the spokeswoman for the product with her famous tag line “TRIMSPA Baby!” There are plenty of rumors that the former reality star died of an alleged drug overdoes. Anyone who watched the 2004 AMA’s could see that she clearly was on something and very intoxicated. Anna Nicole was prancing onstage in a tight-fitting black gown that showcased her cleavage, her biggest asset, being larger than life just as she was — she grabbed your attention. Her looks were outlandish, but there was beauty below the excess. Through her modeling she showed the world that a plus size gal can be beautiful and boosted the self esteem of many young girls and women around the world who felt that their bodies weren’t as beautiful as the skinny size zero models that grace the pages of Playboy or Cosmopolitan. She had her faults but as a spokes model and reality star she became a pop culture icon. She lived a wild and dangerous life and we literally wondered time and time again would she survive.

There are theories that the greasy Howard K Stern her lawyer/drug dealer may have had something to do with her death. He was there when Daniel died and reports confirm he was with Anna Nicole at the time of her death at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood Florida. Then there is the theory of suicide to escape the life that brought her such heartache, the loss of her son, the -paternity battle that involves Larry Birkhead and Howard K Stern. I hope Rosie O’Donnell was happy this morning on The View, the Talk show Co-Host made comments made yesterday stating that she hopes she never sees Anna Nicole Smith on television again! Well Rosie once again you have opened your fat mouth and inserted your oversized chubby foot.

Why do we care about Anna Nicole’s death? Or do we even care? As the song goes we all love “dirty laundry”, we will sit and talk with friends, debate with co-workers at the water cooler or the person behind us in line at the checkout while staring directly at the tabloids wondering – What happened to Anna Nicole Smith, who died too young just as her idol Marilyn Monroe did at age 36.


  1. paganprincess

    ANS was no Marilyn Monroe. She did not have the luminous, vulnerable, incadensence that made Marilyn the iconic celebrity who many blonde wannabes aspire to. I see ANS more of poor man’s Jayne Mansfield or Mamie Van Doren.

  2. dondadav

    Touching. But I don’t even understand why you would mention Rosie O’Donnell in this one. I am not her biggest fan by any means, but she made a comment that most people who have read an entertainment blog, watched TV, or read a magazine or newspaper have said themselves. Its not like this was a statement she made when she heard the news. Everyone needs to lay off her. This was not an attack, she didn’t do it intentionally.

  3. Jinxy McDeath

    I wish I would never see Rosie again, on TV or anywhere else. Tis a shame I have no powers, like Rosie, queen of bad timing and bad taste…

    As for Anna Nicole being iconic like Marilyn, she was just by virtue they were both manufactured and quite different in private than in public. Largely Anna was a hugh opportunist, which Marilyn ended up not being at the end of her life. Neither will be forgotten anytime soon. Anna also remembered mostly for her problems and dramas.

  4. Marica De La Clase

    yep, she certainly was more Jayne Mansfield than Marilyn…I dressed up like her for Halloween once…everyone loved it, but the most comparisons I got were to Jayne Masfield rather than Monroe. I think it is the boobs…too large to be Marilyn…Guess Co. knew that and they always styled her as Jayne..even though Anna wanted to look like Marilyn.

  5. This is just hideous.

  6. Jaime

    I read on another blog, and I totally agree, Monroe was considered WILD for her time. I thought about it and yeah she was. Remember she sang Happy Birthday to JFK drunk on champagne! That was a huge scandal back then. She was in institutions and rehabs and there were loads of rumours of afairs and miscarriages.She took pills to go to sleep and pills to wake up and pills all day long to level her out.I talked to my grandmother about it and she totally agreed, monroe was considered vulnerible and unstable and wild and scandalous! Our times have changed so this is our version, To have someone now with that poise and glamour, she would be considered boring and wouldnt ever be blogged about. The drugs are harder now a days and you have to live larger to be blog worthy really. Just my opinion.

  7. I’m sad that Anna Nicole died so young. Maybe she would have been able to turn things around had she lived long enough to realize that you can’t make it in this life on looks alone.

    I’m in my 50′s now and what really troubles me is to know that some women still think they need a man in order to be rich and famous. And the fact that these same women believe they’ll be happy if they’re rich and famous.

    By the way… I named my daughter Anna Nicole (long before ANS was even heard of). Whenever she tells anyone her name, they always make a comment or look very surprised. Some people don’t believe her and want to see her driver’s license. Who knew when I gave her that name the notoriety that would surround it?

    - Dorez

  8. Alex

    Well I hope Anna is finally at peace, she had it tough, even though a good chunk of it was caused by herself, she didn’t deserve this fate. And anyone who thinks otherwise (i.e.; she DID deserve to die) has issues. I hope she’s finally, truly happy.

  9. ryt

    I think Anna Nicole still had a lot of things to do in her life and that was tragically cut short. Call me a sceptic or whatever, but I think that something serious must have happened because it’s a big ‘coincidence’ that Anna and her son Daniel dies within months of each other.

  10. ryt

    I think Anna Nicole still had a lot of things to do in her life and that was tragically cut short. Call me a sceptic or whatever, but I think that something serious must have happened because it’s a big ‘coincidence’ that Anna and her son Daniel died within months of each other.

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