Bobby And Whitney Are Officially Through


This is it, folks, the end of an era. Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston have completely and utterly called it quits, with their divorce proceedings now finalized. April 24th represents the date that will officially end their marriage. Custody of the couple’s daughter, Bobbi Christina, has been determined, with Houston granted custody of the 14-year old. A prenuptial agreement signed by both parties had kept the couple from amassing community property, and settled the issue of spousal support, so it was Bobbi Christina’s custody that was left as the only issue at hand.

“It’s very difficult to communicate” with Brown, Houston told Superior Court Judge Franz Miller. “He’s unavailable…He doesn’t keep his word. If he says he’s going to come, sometimes he comes, most of the time he doesn’t.

“His schedule is erratic. I don’t know where he’s going to be at any point in time.”

For starters, Brown wasn’t in court on Wednesday. His attorney, Ram Cogan, said that he will file a petition protesting the custody ruling, which provided for “reasonable” visitation with Bobbi Christina.

I am selfishly wishing that these two would stay together for the sole novelty of it all, but then I’m reminded that they are real people and that it’s probably best that they stay away from each other. At least Whitney will have her wig collection and Ray J there to comfort her. All I have are old episodes of “Being Bobby Brown,” to steel me through this hard time. Sigh.