Bobby And Whitney Go Camping

July 18th, 2005 // 8 Comments

Our intern Erin survived another episode of Being Bobby Brown and lived to write about it.

Bobby Brown….camping? That’s what I said…… So Bobby decides it’s time for a little male bonding, and what better way to do that than camping? Bobby, his son, nephews, and Father all head for the woods on this week’s episode. After a fun night, Mrs. Crackhead decides to call Bobby and tell him he needs to come home or else she’s going to show up at the campsite. Sure enough, she shows up. After too much of the outdoors, Whitney wants to go home but Bobby’s content with his location. She leaves him with his wilderness.

(Image via fourfour)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. starrzz

    What a waste of life these two are……

  2. jojoma

    Actually, Bobby got “sick” and ended up leaving with Whitney. He left his camping buddies behind!

  3. smarytpants

    Actually, the friends left too. All that was left behind was the chicken that he was cooking. Jeez people- weren’t you paying attention?!

  4. Matt's Babe

    It is such a train wreck!

  5. Kirk Van Houten

    Damn !!
    Bobby looks more and more liuke that Beetlejuice guy from Stern everytime I see him.

  6. little lulu

    these people are fucked up crackhead losers and a waste of perfectly breathable clean air. maybe we should send them off to an undeveloped third world country where they can act like dumbass monkeys all they want and then we should start paying our attention not to these losers but to things that are really important in the world like poverty and peace


    I enjoy watching the show, it shows that movie stars are everyday people with problems. They argue,disagree and make up. Isn’t that what life and love is all about. But ofcourse we are living in this illusionist country where real people only exist on t.v.

  8. erica

    i really like the show it is very interesting it show how the act and live like us they are all normal people. They may have money just because they wrote a song or mother or father is famous. But at the end of the day they are not celebs, or oh i love her or him for there music blah blah blah the are just regular people who have a job that gives the a name. CELEBRITY THAT IS ALL… but other than that i really love the show my fellow people…

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