Bobbi Kristina Brown Is All Grown Up

April 18th, 2006 // 54 Comments

We are not saying that that’s a good thing.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Danie D

    I think Bobbi Kristina has grown up to be a beautiful young lady. And whoever is looking that close to see that her nail polish was chipped needs to get a life. I think it was a picture that was probably taken at home or a friends house and got out on the internet. All I can say for her is girl how you loose the weight. You look good

  2. niecee

    The picture the girl took was nothing more than a picture. Those who called a young teen all them bad names should be ashamed. Its just a picture of her in a bathing suit-so what.For all of you who misjudge the picture can go straight to hell

  3. freckle face

    you all are so friggin stupid…….that is NOT a string bikini and i find it very conservative…..also it doesnt friggin matter where she bought it its the fact that she picked one that looked fine and was covering enough….at least she was smart and didnt pick the 2 inches of string bikini that has her hanging out everywhere. And peace signs are what tons of kids do for pictures. I personally dont find anything wrong with a bathing suit and the peace sign……its not like she is posing like a porn star!

  4. lulu

    She is young and i would not be able to through the things that she has and i take my hat off to her.

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