Bobbi Kristina Brown Is All Grown Up

April 18th, 2006 // 54 Comments

We are not saying that that’s a good thing.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. King Smart Ian

    Scissor cuts paper. Rock breaks scissor. Paper covers rock

  2. Mike

    That picture screams pregnant at 17, stripper by 19.

  3. erin

    Now maybe her boobs will grow, too.

  4. tia

    Its so obvious that she is holding her stomach in. Go do a line of crack with your moma girl and lose some weight !!!

  5. lala

    Ummm people… she is a child…. be nice…

    I am glad she lost weight – good for her

  6. alliecat

    How old is this child? Oh the horror of what her life will be…..oh the horror of what it is NOW.

  7. odd

    I find it funny that she’s wearing a bikini from Target.

  8. Martia

    She looks like one of those nasty video sluts that give it up in Rap videos.

    God, this child is going to be a complete mess. Looks like Star, US, People, National Enquirer, etc. are in for one hell of a ride.

  9. doofus

    I feel so bad for this poor kid. I really believe she’d give up the extravagant lifestyle (which she may HAVE to pretty soon) for a normal family life.

    Let’s hope that, by seeing what coke/crack has done to her parents, she will go in the complete OPPOSITE direction.

    although, this picture makes me think otherwise. it really looks like she likes her bling and her “gangsta bitch” look.

  10. Rumor

    I hope Bobbi is one of those kids who is able to see the lifestyle her parents live for what it is: life abuse, and that she decides not to follow in their footsteps. Sometimes the wildest parents produce the most normal kids. Bobbi is still so young, but I’m sure Whitney’s mom is seriously praying, trying hard to guide her in the right direction.

  11. Ldysunfyre

    She’s 13. How sad.

  12. tocutetoscoot

    Poor baby, she is the parent in that family.

    Plus, how can we expect her to be being raised by those hood rats!

  13. Silasdog

    Might as well bring in Whitney Houston right now to mentor her in the proper use of crack.

  14. moonbeams

    Isn’t there some law against ‘razzi pics of the underaged children of celebs? This doesn’t look like a ‘razzi pic, but whoever made it public should be shot. If less than half of what we read about her parents is true, I feel very sad for this little girl.

  15. Serenity

    didnt she use to be really chucky?

  16. King Smart Ian

    Chucky the evil doll? I don’t think so

  17. JerseyGirl

    “This doesn’t look like a ‘razzi pic, but whoever made it public should be shot.”

    It looks like a pic either she or one of her friends took. Very myspace-ish.

  18. me

    Cruelty does not become you………..Please have mercy on people. Jeezzzzzzz


    You people who are missjudging a teenage girl because of the neglegence of her parent’s are wrong.Just because she has on a bikkini, holding up the peace sign and posing for the camera doesn’t mean her life is going down hill. it also doesn’t mean that she is going to be a teenage mother. Toddler’s, pre-teen’s,teenager’s, young adult’s and older adult’s been wearing bikkini’s forever. Since she is the child of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown whom happened to destroyed their career with drug’s and alchol you don’t have to rag on the minor. You people aren’t giving this young girl a chance at her own life without patronizing her and making her pay for her parent’s down fall’s.

  20. Serenity

    lol sorry i meant chunky not chunky, didnt she use to be chuncky?

  21. Caramel

    I agree with Mrs. Mangum. This is a picture of a teenager wearing a bikini, jewelry, sunglasses and flashing the “peace” sign. Nothing more and nothing less. Just because she is African-American and the daughter of Whitney and Bobbie Brown, you hear comments like “gangsta bitch” or “video slut”. Ridiculous comments and idiots making the comments. If this were a picture of Lindsey Lohan a few years ago, no one would have said anything. Grow up people and get a clue!!!

  22. Oh, no ! Mrs R. Mangum the crazed psycho Jesus freak. People beware of Mrs R. Mangum – she is a born again freak! What is she doing on a celebrity thread – isn’t this for heathens!

    Go away Mrs R. Mangum before we start yapping about gay stuff and non-Jesus stuff. BTW, Whitney likes to go in the bush, if you know what I mean? Doesn’t that offend you?

  23. Alpharetta,GA

    There is actually nothing wrong with this picture….there are far worst pictures of children on myspace. the only reason that this one is on here is because her parents are famous. Everyone talks about how sorry they are for her and the things that her parents are doing but it doesnt help when people are constantly critizing you as well. She’s a 13 year old girl and that’s hard enough without random ppl making it a public debate. And none of your know what goes on in her house. You know what you think and what the papers tells you which may or may not be totally true. U have no idea what goes on in that girl’s house.

  24. Rumor

    Come on now, this is a totally different topic. Let’s be nice and let everyone have their say. Mrs. Mangum, you might think about changing your name here from now on.

  25. scarlet

    I think the pic looks harmless ……Ms Magnum u are sooo right she’s growing up be a cute kid ……and so what if she has a target bikini and how do u know its from target hjmmmmmm ….I wud have never known people plllleeeaaasssse moving on …

  26. Mother of young girl

    I have to agree… I wouldn’t allow my daughter to pose like this for a pic at the tender age of 13… If she was 19 or 20 (which is legal in Canada, were I’m from) that would be different… BUT at the same time, who are we to rag on about her home life? I agree there too… Just because the papers say all this stuff about her parents doesn’t give us the right to say she’ll end up having a bad life!

    She looks very beautiful, and I hope ppl are wrong about her home-life!!

    I also agree with lala #5… she’s a child… be nice!

  27. Get a life

    good grief, mom. As far as bikinis go, that’s a pretty conservative one, it’s not like it’s going in playboy or anything. You can see that much skin at the mall.

  28. julie

    what a kick in the ass that your mom is Whitney Houston and your face loosk like that UGLY ass Bobby Brown….and her nails are all chipped and skanky looking…ewwwwww

  29. There may be worst pictures of young girls floating around on the internet and I think this goes along with them. So sad, her mom was once a top of the charts women with morals. She could have shown her little girl how to be a lady!!!

  30. Rumor

    I caught a few episodes of Bobbi’s parents’ show on Bravo. My word! It was SO hard to watch, and finally, I just could not turn it on anymore. On the show, it was obvious how insecure and self-conscious Bobbi was about her body. That made my heart hurt for her. Girls her age shouldn’t have these worries. They should be carefree and having fun. What I see in this picture is a little girl who is feeling a bit better about her body.

  31. Tay

    Hey, she’s still got hope…anyone can be different from their parents!

  32. mis_lady

    Dude everybody on here is hat’n the lil gurl looks pretty! thats why so many kids are self conscious b/c of comments like these do yo thang lil bobbi kristina in yo CUTE ASS TARGET BIKINI!

  33. Cynnamon

    No you know all of you should be ashamed of themselves. Everyone wasn’t born with a skinny pill, this child is a child that had the battle with baby fat.

    I’m not saying her parents are perfect. I don’t know many people that have parents that are, but if nothing else doesn’t push her to drugs, it would be the comments of society. What about mentioning that this child is an honor roll student, that is doing the ‘darn thang’ despite the chaois that’s going on in her life. I mean really do a line of coke with your mom…

    You don’t know Whitney pass the medias display. People are so critically, and you don’t even see how you would contribute if this child did develop horrible habits… All you would think is that her parents were foul. Listen to your comments and remember this too could get into the childs hands…

    And I must say, she’s looking good and looking like the average African American 13 year old in a bikini at her private pool, at her own house.

    Bobbi Kristina, keep up the good work. When you get older you will realize that don’t nobody want a bone but a dog. I’m not heavy by any means, I’m a thick sexy woman (size 8 w/plenty of curves). Do you and be happy!!!

  34. Catandra

    TIA you are triflin she is only a child you are less than a woman to post that on this page. Hell i am glad she lost weight and yall trippin off what she has on DUHHHHHHH!!! she is at a swimming pool if she had some sweatpants on yall would swear shes hidng her body because some other dumb reason people GROW UP.

  35. Catandra

    I know thats right do your thang girl and she is not ugly she is pretty and so what if she holds her stomach in ITS HERS get off her set yall just mad cause she living it up and how old was BRITTANY SPEARS when she started taking off her clothes? MY POINT EXACTLY

  36. me

    you people need a life. y r u hatin on a child.

  37. Von Dutch

    I’d hit it.

  38. UTOPIA7

    whomever made harsh comments your disgusting this is child ! and has more promise for a good future half of you are most likely washed up in your lives! shes rich BITCH !!!


  39. Paul

    You gotta be kidding me right? It just shows no matter how much cash and fame you have, bad parents are bad parents. Poor little (overdeveloped) girl.

  40. Coolwater

    I don’t know how many of you are of the Black culture. But that is just the problem with our people. We are always looking for the bad in our own but we’ll open the door and kiss the ass of white folk. That Willie Lynch Mentality

    Most of you are probably employee minded people and this young lady might just be your boss one day.

    Get off her back, don’t judge her, you don’t know her, and support this sister.

    From what I see she has potential, and she is in know way shape or form degrading or disrespecting herself with this picture.

    I do hate it that it made it to the web because it open all kinds of bold shit to be said about her; and on top of that her parents life is already know big secret. I would hope that her life is concealed, respected and respectful.

    Give her a break and worry about your life and the fucked up shit you might have going on.

  41. sayer

    in reply to “odd” it’s even MORE funny that you know it’s from Target.

  42. sayer

    Question. Is it adults making some of these comments? or Children?

    Some of you people and your comments are damn right mean and evil. She’s a child. Because her parents have messed up, does that mean by default she will mess up? Let’s see how well your children turn out.

    If you didn’t know who’s child that was, I’m sure most of you would be ready to ‘tap that’.
    Get outta here with all that judgemental bull crap. Go back to playing your Xbox.

  43. bk_magnolia

    are ya’ll serious?

    she’s at a pool – hence the bikini.

    it’s sunny outside – hence the sunglasses.

    she’s giving a peace sign & posing – hey, tweens/teens/grown women do that.

    exactly how does this 13-year-old look like a “video slut who gives it up in Rap videos?” because she’s… oh i dunno, Black? that comment & those of its ilk scream “i live in Podunk, Iowa and learned everything about Black culture from MTV.”

    grow up. travl outside of your town. get a life.

  44. jeredaddy

    Why is there so many of yall hatin on Bobbi. She is a young woman whos parents have been on drugs there whole life. The worst part of it all is that they were still able to provide for her financially so it will be hard for her to get the professional help she needs. I for one am proud of what she has became thus far. She has not became some coke sniffen whore like most white young celebs become in this same predictment.

  45. x

    Um, she’s standing by the pool in a swimsuit. What’s the problem.

  46. DiorAddict

    I can honestly say that she looks a whole lot better than when I first started seeing her. There is nothing wrong with wearing a bikini at the pool….isnt that what we’re supposed to wear? Its so sad that we always choose to talk bad about our own people when there are so many other issues at hand.

  47. Shaun

    you people are dumb as shyt and just as ignorant. this girl is a teenager. you don’t have anything better to do with your life than write nasty comments on a website just because she’s wearing a bathing suit? My goodness…she was beside a pool. What the hell was she supposed to wear? Her Sunday best? Get a life people! As far as her going to “lose weight” did you not see how much she has lost since the beginning of the show. your fat ass is probably the one that needs to lose some weight. lets see some pictures of you. and don’t try to get smart with me, because i have plenty of pictures if you would like to comment. and you’ll love them. so eat it!!
    P.S. I’m sure that amidst all of the turmoil going on in her young life, she is still remaining unphased by comments made by IMMATURE idiots that don’t have anything else going on for themselves. You people are so sad!

  48. monique

    lets pray for her mom and her dad, prayer changes things

  49. bod

    shut up everybody. this is just a private picture and some idiot has the nerve to made it public.

  50. KillerVegan

    she looks like her mother. dna is so strong.

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