Bobbi Kristina Brown’s 12th Birthday Party

March 10th, 2005 // 56 Comments

I aplaud any child of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston to make it to their 12th birthday. It looks as if fun was had by all (no Whitney in sight – still recovering from that bout of the flu I’m sure). Although, it looks as if the party was a little taxing on Bobby.

More photos after the jump.

[images via Sandra Rose]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ella

    looks like little Bobbie needs to go on her mama’s diet…..

  2. If your parents are WH and BB, why would you have your 12th b-day party at what looks like a convention center? Just curious, but… it looks depressing.

  3. Lia

    I think Bobbi Kristina looks great (so she has a little belly, she is 12 years old give her a freakin’ break!). She looks like she had a fun time at her birthday party. Goodness…perhaps her parents kept her party low-key instead of blowing oodles of money on party nonsense.
    I really hate to see kids, like those on MTV’s Sweet 16, go ballistic when mommy and daddy aren’t spending more than 100k on their parties!

  4. mediaphyter

    Maybe it was in the rec room of mommy and daddy’s rehab center.

  5. Danielle

    I agree with Lia. She is 12!!! Give her a break. She was always a chubby kid. By the time she is 16 it will all come off anyway. That’s what’s wrong with our society. If my two year old starts the atkins diet by the time she is five I will shoot myself. It’s not always about being thin!!

  6. miguelito

    u guys r so rite, she’s looks great, she’s just a kid and seems like shes having a great time… besides, u know, bobbi & whitney ARE her parents… the nose is a lil big, though… but everythang coo

  7. She is also a Black and will liekly not starve herself as a teenager so that she looks like brain dead stick figure. The kid is healthy. Get off.

  8. mara

    How come noone has commented on BB’s rad shirt? Every dad should wear a shirt with their daughter’s pic on it.

    BK is cute.

  9. ap

    oh, yeah, right….there aren’t any african-americans who are anorexic. we can look to her mother for an example of good clean living and a healthy figure.
    i agree with the fact that we shouldn’t be picking on a 12 year old girl because she has a little belly but, please, get real.

  10. tDotBiotch

    black teenagers don’t starve themselves? i learn something new every day.

  11. Danielle

    I’m black and I have had eating issues. So that is not true. It is true, however, that we age beautifully!! Unless we do crack, of course.

  12. Somebody needs to quit tripping. We have as many issues as anyone else, but when have you ever seen a grown Black woman starve herself to the point where she weighs 85 lbs? Do some research sweetie, I did. When Black women have that problem, they are usually in a situation where they are culturally isolated. I took laxatives to control my weight when I went to Miami Univ for grad school…which consequently had the highest rate of eating disorders in the country. When I moved to DC and found a support network…and people who appreciated my 110 lbs 5′ frame, I was fine. My problem is with anyone who tries to assign a misguided beauty standard to every culture. Sorry but Black people in general DO NOT aspire to be rail thin. It IS NOT culturally acceptable. That’s the point, chick. And I hate to be a total bitch and throw this out there, but considering I spent YEARS studying the way Western beauty standards, intraracism and depression affect Black women, I would like to think I know a little more about the subject than the average person.
    And for the record, Whitney was skin and bones as a model and in her early years as a singer (and I distinctly remember Black people HATING her in the 80′s partly because she was too skinny). The crack made her even thinner. No she is not a great role model of health for her daughter or anyone else, but the bottom line is that the girl is fine.
    And, yes, thank God for melanin and its ability to allow us to age gracefully. It’s a blessing.

  13. davy

    look I thought BTK was caught ……oh this is BK.

    Okay, well BK better get that big ol’ ugly Bobbie Brown Nose thing fixed up pretty but not like Michael Jackson’s just natural like you know. Then she better start on mesclun salads and diet sodas or juice smoothies — something healthy, otherwise this girl is going to end up at the Grammys in the bathroom with her finger down her throat and sweating really bad and wiping her nose and flicking the white flakes out of her nose in the bathroom and being all I”m a Diva move ovah mutha fuka…..crack is whak, we don’t do that and getting all preachy on me and shit. and then I’m going to have to take her skinny little head and throw it into the wall and tell her “that’s my perogative bitch” you ain’t nothing but a nobody…..oh did I go too far…..sorry my meds are off.

  14. Trusty

    Is it inaccurate to say that most of the kids in the group shot are chubby? Bobbi surely isn’t the biggest kid there, but that’s not “baby fat”. Hiding the truth isn’t kind, nor is making fun of anybody’s looks. She looks like she’s happy and has friends in the pictures. They all LOOK pretty normal by today’s standards.

    Drive by a playground or elementary school, and compare what you see with what they looked like when you were a kid. America is getting fatter, and no ethnic group is being left out.

    It’s not “all about being thin”…it’s about being healthy. Do we want our kids to deal with diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, and other obesity related issues?

    Maybe her mommy and daddy have been preoccupied with their own issues, and haven’t been as assiduous about raising their child.

  15. ap

    Nikki, I can’t believe you actually admit to having an eating disorder in the same paragraph that you claim black women don’t starve themselves. absurd!! and, as i said the first time, if you want an example of a black woman starving herself in order to weigh 85 pounds, look at whitney!! yes, she was always thin. no, she was not always so thin that she was skeletal and sickening. Also, check out the modeling industry for more examples of black girls, just like white girls, starving themselves to be thin enough to fit the standard (not the white standard, the “standard”)

  16. That cake looks like it tastes good.

  17. amy

    yeah, and BK had too much of it

  18. Lily

    Geez u guys, take it easy. I agree with Trusty that Americans are getting fatter. Seriously, just quit the fast food, it’s disgusting. Lately we have been trying encourage women who are fat by calling them “curvy” or “voluptuous”. Which is wrong because if u are fat and unhealthy, u need to lose that weight if u wanna live longer. Because the most important thing is to be healthy. This is life, we shouldn’t sugar coat everything.

  19. mediaphyter

    I wish I had this much time on my hands.

  20. katie

    the girl’s got a belly, no biggie. her tight shirt is just accentuating it, i’m not exactly a fatty, probably considered underweight by the tables, and i have the same problem in shirts thin and tight like that. and nikki you make me giggle. not every case of “eating issues” is the same, hun. ever heard of the control reason of eating disorders? i’m pretty sure black people are capable of feeling the need to control. there are more reasons other than being “culturally isolated.” it’s a pretty psychological disease, not always culture-driven.

  21. cnm72

    awww…. shes a cutie

    and with parents like that…. please…. please… please… please don’t let her be a mess…

  22. blasian diva

    She looks like a typical crack baby!!! The child is uglier than sin!! She has a snout on her!!! THANK GOODNESS FOR RHINOPLASTY!!!! and the whole gut thing ain’t cute either!!! YUCK!!! CAN WE SAY SHE LOOKS A HOT MESS!!!!

  23. Robert Grey

    Yea so she’s got a little belly on her. Still not as big as my girlfriend – I’d do her. But I’d wait until she’s 18 before I brag about it.

  24. DEE

    Maybe I’m older than a lot of that have written but this CHILD has gone through a lot in the 12 short years she’s been on this earth. It’s sad that people go around haten on her because she has more money in her saving account then they do. Back off of her, and you wonder why kids are killing themselves and others. Bobbie Kristina you look great Babygirl keep doing you and pay no mind to these childish comments that are obviously being made kids themselves who have yet to grow up.

  25. i think bobbi looks great and whitney is human and she is 42 she not going to look young for the rest of her life she does drugs hey i smoke pot and its none of noone else is business so lay off whitney and bobbi

  26. Kris

    I think that this child looks wonderful, considering who her parents are and what they are into. I am glad that at least one of her parents was together enough to attend and celebrate her 12th birthday with her. Many parents could use this as a lesson, love your children when they are young and the love will stay strong when they are older. Bobbi Kristina is still young. She still has a lot of developing to do and will grow out of any awkwardness that pre-teens and teens go through!

  27. lashonda

    i think bobbi kris looks great people are so rude and stupid at lease her mom and dad to have problems i dont see and here everyone talking about other celebrities i see why whitney is so fucking stressed out all you fucking peole do is point and fucking critize all someone in you family a crack head i am quiet sure they are we dont know you are not a celebrity bobby was very caring to do something special for his daughter you ass wholes that little girl still have great parents i greww up watching them both and i know you did to that little bobbi kris whitney and bobbiy stay strong all you guys talk about crack heads like charlie sheen andthe res of them fuckers whitney and bobby will always be my favorites no matter what

  28. denise

    it is so childish to talk about bobbi kris whitney and bobby seem to be great parents yes they do make mistakes just like everyone that is a little girl who is already going to things with what people are saying about her mom and dad now people are talking about her. cant believe the things i here and read.she i cant believe these people .whitney and bobby stay strong.keep loving each other.bobbi kris stay strong too.the world can be so cruel i am still a fan of you both i know whitney is so tired of people pointning the finger at her and bobby wanting to know what they do behind close doors it’s not no ones fucking buisness want you people who is talking about them talk about something else who is worser than them dont here that .damn you people denise b

  29. lacious

    you look sweet sweety and dont let this bitches tell you are beautiful gurl with a realistic body.not every is perfect.

  30. someone who goes to chrissys skool

    hey everybody well i go to chrissys skool and i mean, of course shes popular, but i mean of course thats gonna happen get real, shes whitney housons daughter! but, i mean, no one really treats her any differently than any one else! sure shes got a tummy but i mean shes only 12 lets not make that big of a deal about it! she has her friends, and thats all that really matters!

  31. Victoria

    I think Bobbi-Kristina is a very pretty chubby gurl she doesn’t have to be anorexic like these “WHITE” celebrity children gurls. She’s healthy and thats all that matters. Leave her alone maybe she wanted 2 have her party there in the first place who every is hatin on her is jealous there not her.

  32. comment

    Listen everyone,
    Although we all have the liberty to criticize anyone and any issue as much as it is possible, we should also do it within reason and constructively. But seriously, what’s the issue here? That a 12 yr old kid has a belly? So what and more so, who cares as long as she’s healthy? We’ve got more pressing problems in the society that Bobbi Kristina’s belly for Christ’s sake! If all contributors to this discussion are honest with themselves (since the rest of us can’t tell from behind the computer screen)there’ll be a few among BK’s image bashers that have larger guts and pouches (or worse impefections) than they’re willing to let on. It’s a sad world that we live in these days whereby “CHILDREN” are psycologically forced into stress and depression by social predators who make normal kids feel self conscious about themselves for whatever physical imperfections that they have (real or exaggerated!) Which brings us to the real question: the situation of her birth.
    Most of the bashing may, as someone rightly said be stemming out of jealousy ( some people would just love to hate her because she’ll always be richer than them). It could also be the tranfer of agressive insults intended for her parents. But whatever the reason,just let the kid be the kid that she is at least until she commits a REAL error more than that which she is being tried and i dare say, condemned for. Life as a child is awkward and tough enough on it’s own talkless of when you it’s made harder by no fault of her’s, that her parents are in the sorry situation that they are in now. Having said this, goodnight to you all.

  33. towanda

    hey 4 all u ppl that keep talking trash bout bk i was at the party cause were like best friends but ull just say this cause ull are jelious so ull just need to back off!!!!!!!!

  34. mocha38

    I just wanted to say..I think it was so nice of Bobby Brown to support his daughter and wear a shirt with her face on it…We need more fathers out there like him…I think his new reality show..”BEING BOBBY BROWN” a hit…Bobby,I loved you back in the day and I still love you…Do your thing Bobby…

  35. James

    Those pics don’t do Bobbi K’s party justice…Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston where BOTH at her party, and behind her 100%. Whitney just wont take to many photos, but they got alot of good “Family Only” pics to take home with them. Her party was amazing, and anyone who thinks differently, is simply jelous or wasnt even there, who cares where it took place. And for those who are making the weight comments, you all know that you are wrong for being so rude to a 12 year old, and it shows how you feel about yourself. anyhow, the Brown’s are very happy and healthy and will soon be adding a new edition to the family, *congratz* Peace

  36. hey, I just wanted to say that even though I don’t know Bobbi Kristina and probably never will, I can tell that she’s a survivor. Her mother’s in rehab for her drug addictions, and her father is not always there for her. Yet she puts a smile on her face and enjoys life. It doesn’t matter if she’s a little chubby or not, who cares? Give her a break, she has a lot to deal with. Put yourself in her shoes and stop criticizing.

  37. austin thomas

    I kno krissy personally i talk to her all the time i live in country club wit her and who ever talks shit about her fucks with the wrong person i wud love to go out wit krissy

  38. mocha lite

    She is 12 for goodness sake. Give the girl a break. Her parents appear to struggle with drug and/or alcohol abuse. And most kids these days are heavier than they were 20 years. Obesity is an American epidemic.

    Chelsea Clinton was not the most attractive girl either!!! I’m sure BK will grow into a pretty young woman So leave BK’s looks/weight/party decorations alone.

  39. Staci

    It is so weird but I look just like Bobbi Krisstina! On her dads show being bobby brown she acts just like me and a lot of people says she does! It is so wierd.

    -bk look alike…staci

  40. KARIIM

    I’M TRYING TO HOLLA!!!!!!!!!
    CAN ANYONE HELP ME?????????

  41. Honey

    Damn! To all of you idiots who have the nerve to talk about and put down a child. You need to be found, get a beat down and jailed. You don’t have anything else to do with your time, except destroy a child feelings. To read the comments, even if it is your opinion, it hurts to know that people can be so mean, hateful, and just plain nasty to belittle a child. I am a mother and despise people with no compassion, especially towards kids, but oh when their time come, and it will come stop the presses because they need some compassion. Think about and be careful of the words you say, you may have to eat them someday and the shit will be hard to swallow. BobbiKriss is going to be fine and beautiful. She is still growing and changing, just like these other prefect asses out there, always had it going on. Yeah, Right! One more thing comes to my mind, Do you have what she’s got to make it different if she chooses, probably not.

  42. jessica

    i feel that other people who dont know her shouldnt judge her its her body and if shes happy with it u guys should be to.i wish the best to her and may she have many more happy birthdays.

  43. ashley stanton

    this party seem like a sweet sixteen party. lord knows what they do we she turns sixteen.

  44. Oh my goodness, I cannot beleive how imature you trash-talking people are! Thanks you so much for the people posting nice comments about Krissy, but for those who are not…wow! I am sitting right here next to krissy and you have no clue what damage this can do to a teenager. I don’t know what the hell you guys are smoking..but you all need to pull your shit together!! She has lost ALL of her baby weight and is a beautiful girl now (not saying she wans’t before). Me, being her best friend, knows everything about her and what she goes through. Oh yea, and her birthday is in three days!!! Woo hooo!!! Well happy birthday krissy!! The big 13 and all those people that are assholes and talk shit about BK, fuck off you stupid whores! Peace out <33

  45. SECRET

    WOWOWOWOW!! I GO TO SCHOOL WITH KRISSY AND SHE IS SOO GAY! she starts fights wtih everyone and loves talking shit about ppl.! all the guys thnk shes annoying and dont liek her. her parents are really nice though. i dont know why she is like that. maybi shes cocky or something? maybi two-faced

    o well
    peace out whores

  46. Sensibility

    I think anyone who sit and judge a child according to the sins of their parents should look in their own family closets and be prepared for the BS that falls out. She is twelve and we should appreciate that she is acting it. For the the silly person who wish to say at twelve she is gay… jealousy will not gain you anything. Guess what she is a child and I feel sorry for those who sit in the seat of scorners… Her parents are not the first to have issues… as I said before go check out your parents and other relatives bedrooms. You might find your daddy dressing in ya momma’s undies and ya momma might be in bed with her best friend if not her brother. So if you judge look in ya family’s dirty azz closet first. BK keep it real baby girl trouble don’t last always… enjoy being who you are while you are there… screw the haters who are made because their parents psychotherapy cost more than their homes.

  47. Taliyah

    HIIIIIII great pic I am 13 too! You are so lucky to have the partents you have!

  48. relle

    can u send me some pics bobby girl u are so pretty girl they just hattin on u we all are a little big from the south thats just reality so keep yo head up like pac

  49. Trevor Chambers

    I think Bobbi Kristina should go on a diet only if she wants to and only if she isnt happy in her self but she looks stunning just like her mum

  50. Irene Ngwenya

    Bk, u are so so beautiful, you can afford to smile afetr all the trouble you have been put through just being WH and BB’s daughter. Ride on little one YOU will diet if you wish to later on in life…..for now have a nice baby life.

    Fuck off to all the bitching you adults with no hearts and souls.

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