Bobbi Kristina Tells Oprah That Whitney Houston “Still Comforts Her”

Bobbi Kristina In Berlin
Houston's daughter in Germany back in 2010.
2000 Grammy Awards
Whitney Houston picks up a gong.
The Hope Ball
Whitney Houston was in attendance.
Bobbi Kristina Brown talked to Oprah Winfrey for a OWN interview, her first since mom Whitney Houston passed away on February 11th.

Brown, who lives in her mother’s Atlanta mansion, says that Houston is still a very strong presence in her life, according to New York Daily News.  “Especially throughout the house, lights turning off and on. And I’ll say, ‘Mom, what are you doing?’”

“I can hear her voice in spirit talking to me, saying, ‘Keep moving, baby. I gotcha,’” Brown added. “Her spirit is strong.”

The 19-year-old is doing what she can to forge ahead, though she misses her mom every minute of every day.  “We were like that,” she told Winfrey. “I mean, of course, we had arguments, but at the end of the day she was still my mother, she was my confidant. She was my everything. I was her everything.”

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