Bob Schieffer And Katie Couric’s Lovefest

April 14th, 2006 // 5 Comments

We need to give Bob Schieffer an Oscar of something. He has been putting on a very brave face in the wake of the whole Katie Couric taking over his job thing. Bob new that this was only a temporary gig, yet in the back of his mind, I’m sure it was hoping that he’d become the permanent face of the CBS Evening News. We think that Bob has gone slightly overboard in his endorsement of Katie Couric. Maybe he received some sort of exit bonus.

“She’s the best thing that ever happened to CBS News,” the 69-year-old Schieffer told me. The 49-year-old Couric grinned an aw-shucks grin and deflected his sweet nothing. “After all,” she said, “it is our first date.”

On hand to witness the close encounter were Barbara Walters, dining two tables away with Tipper Gore and Karenna Gore Schiff; Viacom honcho Tom Freston, hosting his News Corp. counterpart, Peter Chernin, in the center of the dining room; and even Donald Trump spawn Ivanka and Eric, munching toward the back.

“I wanted to get together with her, and Michael’s is one of my favorite places,” Schieffer said afterward. “And I want everybody to know that I wanted Katie to come to CBS.

“We talked about a thousand things, but we really talked about our parents. She is very close to her mother, and I was very close to my mother,” said Schieffer.

Indeed, Couric looked a little wistful and sometimes misty-eyed when not greeting well-wishers.

Bob & Katie – they’re a hit [Lowdown]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Gerard Rotonda

    This was a planned event in negotiation for approximately 12 months when she met to discuss while at Michaels.

  2. Audacte

    1) Since when did news anchors (people who read what other people have written) become “news”? 2) Katie Couric will not save CBS and the fact they have gone to an enter-news-mercial anchor says it all. 3) Face it, the news is just one more “production”; one more hour of entertainment. It is no longer quality and Katie Couric is a perfect representation of the demise. The scrolling news tickers say it all. One or two liners which is about what this country’s attention span can handle – - just enough information for us to mention it to each other in conversation while we answer our cell phones; adjust our ipods and check for email.

  3. bee

    he is a very sincere indivdual and exudes southern dignity. he is genuine. he apparently has brought up the ratings during his brief tenure. he is the dignified older statesman (albeit lesser paid one), on board with this new newsy-and-touchy evening news thing and greacefully transitions to the future of pm news. it’s now not just facts, it’s facts and feelings.

  4. Audacte

    My vote would have been to keep Bob Schieffer in place and leave Katie with the early morning coffee crowd. Bob at least has dignity; intellect; charm and appears neutral.

  5. Yet for some strange reason I want to watch the CBS News, not the first show mind you when the ratings will be insanely hi, but a few months into it when she’s doing sugar coated interviews :-)

    Ps. Gerard love your comment.

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