‘Boardwalk Empire’ Star Paz De La Huerta Shows Off Old, Youth Seeking New Man

Paz de la Huerta never fails to surprise me. Why, just this morning there was talk that Paz faked a lovely “donate to homeless man” photo op, just to make herself look good. Now, it’s even better yes! Yes, I said better!

Mail Online spotted Paz frolicking around New York City witha new mystery man. This wouldn’t seem odd, except for the fact that the mystery man looks old enough to be her father. Now, don’t get me wrong. Age is totally just a number. If I could frolic with Alan Rickman, believe you me, I would be all on it. BUT! Alan Rickman does not go around holding a skateboard and trying to act like he’s 26. This dude totally does!

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Paz and mystery-father-youth-man could not keep their hands off each other during their date. They kiss, hugged, and were overly PDA at their lunch table, on a walk, and probably other places their PDAing took them. Oh you kids, go be sloppy drunk together somewhere. Check the gallery out and let us know what you think of their touchy-feely behavior.

Ooo! Maybe he’s her lawyer trying to get her off the assault charges and they fell in love! What are your thoughts on the couple? Is age just a number? Is his skateboard throwing you off? Do you love that she’s taller than him? Let us know!