‘Boardwalk Empire’ Review: ‘Peg Of Old’

In the latest episode of HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’, the extremely attractive Charlie Cox and Kelly MacDonald’s characters had one of the best ‘encounters’ of the series. After all the viewers have been through watching Steve Buscemi and the creepy Michael Shannon get it on, this was a welcomed moment for everyone.

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Jimmy and his new set of cronies discuss Nucky Thompson as the thorn in their side. Luciano and Lansky are turning against Rothstein and want Nucky out of the picture. Jimmy reluctantly agrees with Al Capone and the boys arrange for Nucky to be ‘taken care of’.

Eli is late to this meeting and no one takes him seriously. “Jesus Christ, just kill him,” he says. Awkward. Eli is a giant asshole now that he has wrenched a dude in the face and buried his corpse in the woods.

Van Alden has royally messed things up with his wife Rose. His new baby mama Lucy questions him about the money he agreed to pay her for carrying his illegitimate. When she realizes that Van Alden is poor she goes to Nucky who hasn’t seen her in over a year. She shows him her little bundle of joy.

“She is kinda cute though huh? 10 toes and everything… I mean look at her. She’s a little scoop of ice cream.”

Nucky tries to convince Van Alden to let him take care of his baby and Lucy in exchange for information on the federal agent who is investigating him. Van Alden is true to form when he realizes Lucy has run off and he names his baby girl ‘Abigail’ from the bible.

He then marches into Esther Randolf’s office and gives her the fat file he has kept on Nucky. If anything Van Alden is consistent. He may be struggling with his character, but his motives are clear. He wants to be a man of God despite his insane amount of crazy.

Margaret decides to visit her brother Eamoinn (pronounced Ay-men) and his family whom she recently found out to be in America. She also has a little sister named Aylesh who loves to read and seems to admire Margaret. Apparently, Margaret was knocked up when she was quite young in Ireland and the community was going to send her to a nunnery so she ran away to America, but miscarried her baby on the boatride overseas. Eamoinn never stood up for her and still judges her as a sinner. He tells her to leave them alone despite her willingness to help them financially.

Meanwhile, the creepy relationship between Jimmy and his mother Gillian continues. She tries on dresses in front of him and he doesn’t even bat an eyelash saying that people often mistaked him for her brother when he was growing up. “You don’t get old ma.”

Jimmy Darmody is having second thoughts on sending someone to kill Nucky. But Gillian is basking in the light of her new found power and wants to use him as her right hand man. She tells him that she is going to lunch with her girlfriends, but really she is having more liasons with Luciano, whom Jimmy isn’t particularly fond of. Jimmy deals the ultimate blow to Nucky and allows him to get shot. Nucky is saved by a federal officer who has been tailing him.

Owen Slater (Charlie Cox) kills a fellow Irishman and strangles him while also cutting off his fingers with the choke chain. It isn’t entirely clear why he does this other than he was sent to America to be the Irish gang’s bitch and he is not willing to put up with the bullshit anymore. Margaret finally snaps when she gets home and finds the hot Irishman Owen just washing the blood off his hands. He seems to be the only one who relates to her about her homeland plight. When she realizes that he is ready and willing, that all the people of the house are gone, she then proceeds to jumps those Irish bones and relishes every last moment of it. All of that pent up sexual tension has finally gotten to her and really, can you blame the woman? One can only hope that this pattern continues as the series goes on.