‘Boardwalk Empire’ Recap: ‘You’d Be Surprised’

Wears It Well: Ashlee Simpson
Simpson Attends The Boardwalk Empire Premiere In Black
In the latest episode of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, the audience had to see some pretty gruesome shit go down, beginning with Gyp Rosetti’s penchant for auto-erotic asphyxiation. Pretty messed up and disturbing, even for HBO fans. Later on Gyp is found doing the deed again with his redheaded waitress girlfriend, but this time he gets caught with his pants down. A gunman comes for Gyp and kills four men, but doesn’t get the kill he was after. Rosetti wanders around aimlessly naked and not in a good way.

Meanwhile, Nucky is trying to save Billie’s Atlantic City theater show and is having a hard time staying focused on business. Now that Tabor Heights is cut off, Rothstein is pretty upset and when Nucky suggests that he take care of Gyp, the two get into an argument because Rothstein doesn’t want to start a war with Masseria in New York City. Queue head boss showdown.

Nucky tries to convince our favorite singer showman Eddie Cantor to join Billie’s show, but when he refuses Nucky sends Chalky White and his assistant Dunn to intimidate Eddie into saying yes. But he makes sure to let Billie know that she is a fool. He asks her if she’s ever heard about Lucy Danziger and when she says no he tells her, “The next one won’t know a goddamn thing about you either.”

Speaking of a former mistress, Margaret is busy at the hospital helping with the women’s health class and decides to pass out fliers on the boardwalk. She enters her old employer’s place Madame Jeunet’s and finds Nucky buying new clothes for Billie. This is a pattern that has gone on for all his women and Nucky is really embarrassed to be caught. Margaret handles it like a champ and hands Billie a flier for the health class before walking out. Nucky tries to apologize later, but Margaret is over it and he asks her to start making some ‘practical choices’ or in other words, get ready for a divorce.

Van Alden is as paranoid as ever and finds out that a federal agent is trying to contact him. His wife Sigrid says that she knows the truth about him, his fake name, and his trouble with ‘the bad person’. When the federal agent shows up to the apartment Van Alden assumes he is there to arrest him, but the man is there to return a shoddy iron that Van Alden sold him. Sigrid doesn’t hear this part and slams the dude in the head twice with a heavy object. He lies bleeding on the floor before she and Van Alden finish him off together. Van Alden then goes to O’ Banion’s floral shop and asks for help disposing the body.

Gillian’s fancy whorehouse isn’t doing so well because she refuses to file Jimmy’s death certificate and get the deed signed over to her name. This leads us to believe one of two things: Gillian either pretends she doesn’t know Jimmy is dead or she truly believes that he is still alive somewhere. I find the latter impossible, seeing how she acted in the episode when he died. Gillian writes Jimmy a letter, but I can almost guarantee that it doesn’t get mailed. I don’t know what Gillian’s plan is, but there is a reason she won’t admit that he is dead, at least not on paper.

Also, there is some shit with the federal government afoot. Harding’s administration is shady and are being investigated. This leaves them to start pinning everything on a bootlegger and Nucky Thompson seems the easiest target now that he is so distracted from running his business properly.

Rothstein meets with Rosetti and pretends to make a business deal with him, but instead sends the gunman to kill him as he is having sex. However, the plan didn’t pan out and now there might be a huge war on everyone’s hands. Thanks a lot Nucky! You’ve managed to mess everything up again.