‘Boardwalk Empire’ Recap: ‘The Age Of Reason’

On this week’s episode of HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’ everyone seemed to be going the rounds with true confession. Especially Margaret Schroeder who has the major hots for her family bodyguard, played by the ever adorable Charlie Cox. Her little boy Teddy is going through his first confession for the Catholic church, but Margaret is wondering how wise it would be to tell the priest that she is thinking dirty thoughts.

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Meanwhile, Nelson Van Alden is contemplating his own fate. His ridiculously voluptuous mistress Lucy is about to burst at any minute with his newborn child and all he can think about is his fellow agent in the burn unit at the hospital. Lucy is played by Paz De La Huerta and may be the sexiest pregnant woman of the 20th century.

Nucky’s fancy new attorney is essentially worthless. He has hideous green shoes and has earned all of his success from a shady government operation and an illustrious father. The feds turn their back on Nucky at the first sign of trouble and now he might be taking things into his own hands. Lucky for little Teddy, Nucky ups his bible gift from ten dollars to twenty when George Reemus accuses him of being a tight wad.

The Commodore may be a huge rapist jerk, but he is getting his karma in full now that Gillian is on her reign of terror. Jimmy is conflicted but let’s his mother live her dream, although it doesn’t seem like he cares to inform her of his decisions from here on out.

Owen the hot bodyguard is flirting with Katie the maid in front of Mrs. Schroeder and she isn’t cool with that at all. She lectures Katie and let’s Owen turn his attentions onto her as she sweeps her gorgeous garden parlor. The whole scenario is so steamy.

Van Alden has a come to Jesus moment in the hospital and calls his wife to confess his sins. If Nelson Van Alden is calling his wife at nearly 11pm in the evening, things are officially crazy up in here! While this is happening Lucy’s water breaks and she screams helplessly alone in her apartment. Even though Lucy has been an ungrateful whiny snob for most of the series, her latest plight is melting the iciest of hearts. When she realizes that no one will come to aid her she ties her hair back for possibly the first time in her life and gives birth to that baby like a total bad ass.

If anyone questioned her love for that child while she bawled in front of the mirror lamenting her destroyed curves or kept herself mightily drunk throughout her pregnancy, they would reconsider after seeing her kiss that baby girl’s head. Van Alden may have thought he had the perfect situation wherein he could claim the baby for his own, but Lucy will have an iron grasp on that little one for the rest of her life. We may have witnessed the complete metamorphosis of Lucy Danziger and it’s a pretty surprising change to witness.

Nucky and Rothstein make a deal with Waxey Gordon behind the butcher and Jimmy’s back. Jimmy nearly kills off Luciano before the men convince him to reconsider and put both Nucky and Rothstein out of business. All of this mob talk can be really difficult to follow. Just know that at any given moment someone might change their mind and switch sides. And also, there will be a lot of necks cut as collateral in the process. The red shirts in this series are much worse off than in ‘Lost’.

Van Alden’s wife Rose is concerned because of his phone call and traces his apartment to find Lucy strung out on the bed covered in placenta. She cleans up the kitchen, fixes the lemons and then proceeds to go ape shit on Van Asshole for being such an asshole. It’s actually comforting to see him get his punishment and hopefully it will continue because he has had it coming for awhile now.

Nucky tries to pry Margaret’s confession out of her but she isn’t telling. All we need to know is that Charlie Cox walked in the room and flashed that ridiculously adorable smile thereby confirming any doubts that Schroeder is super turned on by him. It’s only a matter of time before the family bodyguard makes sure to care for Mrs. Schroeder in the way she pleases most. The question is whether Nucky will catch on to all of his problems, both personal and professional, before it’s too late.