‘Boardwalk Empire’ Recap: Ourselves Alone

Nucky Thompson may be a gangster, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a heart. Steve Buscemi played out a full scale of emotions on the latest episode of HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’ that made his performance in season one pale in comparison. For once in his life, Nucky Thompson is in real trouble and he is facing up to that fact very quickly.

The whole gang has stabbed Nucky in the back, including his brother Eli. He is in hot water and only one person can save him.

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Bring in Margaret Shroader aka the bad ass. If you try to tell her that her sugar daddy has been arrested she will ask you how the weather is. If you tell her that important people are coming to dinner and she’ll be handling them alone, she’ll tell you to get your ass outside and clean the rugs. This woman used to be beaten everyday and had a miscarriage on a boat while sailing from Ireland. She is the toughest HBIC and nothing phases her.

Transition to Michael Pitt playing Jimmy Dormody and having the most intelligent conversation you’ve heard on television in weeks. It may be dangerous to assume that Atlantic City and ‘The Jersey Shore’ have anything in common and I’m not talking about proximity. If you’ve been watching anything else and you channel surfed into this your brain might explode. This series is brilliant.

“Who are you, Mr. Darmody? You show up well-dressed with a suit, cravat, and a bold proposal. A year ago, you were a brigand in the woods.”

It’s true that Jimmy Dormody has gone from rags to riches in the underground world. Michael Pitt plays the most interesting character because you are never sure if he is going to take his little boy out to get an ice cream cone or knife someone in the face. He is a war veteran who seems to hate death, but when he loses a game of poker he’ll kill a couple of dudes without batting an eyelash. When he needs to keep his cool, he will. Which leads me to believe that striking a deal with his biological father ‘the Commodore’ means absolutely nothing to him. Rothstein is keeping his options open and Jimmy doesn’t like being used. Nucky may have more allies than he thinks.

Chalky White is still sitting in jail, but don’t think that he isn’t looking super slick while he is there. White is intelligent, despite the scar on his face and his mixed vocabulary. His wife is classy and his kid Lester is a classical pianist. Chalky White is a sophisticated guy, which is why you would have to be a complete nutter to even ruffle his feathers. His fellow inmate has the balls to insult him because he dresses nicer, lives better and thinks he is above peers. It isn’t until he recalls the exact names of every other inmate and they beat the guy’s teeth out that it registers with this idiot that you never mess with Chalky White.

‘The Commodore’s’ new alliances are intimidated by him and they are questioning him. He is an old bastard with shoe polish in his hair, but dammit if he can’t lift an elephant’s tusk above his head. Eli is glad to be respected and part of the club. I have a feeling it’s the biggest mistake he will ever make. Remember back at the St. Patrick’s Day party when Eli tried to speak to the crowd and totally bombed? He has no people skills whatsoever. He needs Nucky and it’s going to sting much more for him to be disowned than his older brother.

Mrs. Shroader made sure to fake another pregnancy and grab Nucky’s bankroll ledger so she could remind him that he owns Atlantic City and throw it into the fire. She teaches women that the only way to motivate a man is to kick him while he is down and then help him dress his wounds while he grows a new pair of balls.

No we did not get to see Paz de la Huerta’s tah tahs this episode. But someone’s neck spurted blood for like 5 straight minutes so really, what more do you want? Did I mention that it’s executive producer is Mark Wahlberg? Notice that the punk kid from the ‘Funky Bunch’ has his hand in some pretty serious projects nowadays.