‘Boardwalk Empire’ Recap: ‘Georgia Peaches’

In the latest installment of HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’ one of the major characters was sacrificed and it wasn’t pretty. So far audiences have gotten away with non of their favorite people having to face the music, but that is officially over now that season two is coming to a close.

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Nucky’s shipment of Irish whiskey comes into port and is distributed around Atlantic City. This is really bad news for Jimmy, Al Capone and the crew because now their watered down medical alcohol is no longer a hot commodity. Jimmy is left to figure out how to get alcohol to his customers. His options are running out due to the fact that Horvitz’ assassination did not go as planned. Essentially the dude with the cleaver in his head really put a wrench in the works.

The gang decides to send Mickey to appease Horvitz and avoid distribution to Philly for the time being. He offers him $4000 worth of watered down whiskey to even the score and makes sure to name drop Waxy Gordon, but Horvitz isn’t pleased. Jimmy is also faced with the new problem of the colored workers strike. He discusses it with the elders who decide to send thugs with billy clubs in to clean up the protesters. Sounds oddly familiar. The protesters hand the thugs their butts on a silver platter and Jimmy is back to square one.

Eli uses this opportunity to punish his one and only loyal minion Deputy Ray. After Ray kept silent about his involvement in Nucky’s trial, Eli decides it would be a great idea to teach him a lesson. This is going to come back to haunt Eli later when he is arrested for the murder of Margaret’s husband. It will also mean a crucial testimony on the part of Eli in Nucky’s upcoming trial.

Van Alden is getting to know his nanny a bit better, but his spirits are killed when he receives divorce papers in the mail from Mrs. Van Alden. He is another central figure in Nucky’s trial and Esther is using his massive amount of research and information to tack anything she can to Nucky’s charges.

Jimmy tries talking to Chalky White about the protesters. All Chalky wants is revenge on the KKK and who can blame the guy? Jimmy knows his hands are tied because the KKK are connected to the higher ups in the Commodore’s posse. He offers him money but Chalky doesn’t take it. Jimmy is just about at his wits’ end. He tells Angela that he wants out of the game and they make love before he leaves town to deliver his share of the alcohol to his old Princeton buddies.

Margaret is also attempting to buy off her problems. She suddenly feels terrible that she laid Owen Slater now that her daughter has polio and will possibly lose the use of her legs. She attempts to bribe the priest, essentially paying for indulgences and tells everyone to pray for her daughter. It doesn’t help. Later on that day she meets with the doctor to find the prognosis to be less than positive. Her son is not dealing well with this latest event either. He resents the attention his little sister is getting. Nucky steps in to help with the boy and takes him to New York to let Margaret be alone.

While in New York, Nucky hires Rothstein’s attorney with hopes that he will get him out of this federal mess. This connection is one of the most fascinating of the series because Rothstein and Nucky are equally as intelligent and powerful, but now they are working together instead of against one another. They are a force to be reckoned with and possibly the only thing that will end the Commodore’s reign of terror.

After Angela and Jimmy make love, the audience assumes that Jimmy has yet to leave the house and Angela lays asleep in bed. Horvitz breaks into the house and takes Angela hostage waiting for her partner to emerge from the bathroom. It turns out to be another woman lover and Horvtiz kills her. Angela is obviously distraught and begs for her life, saying that Jimmy can get money or arrange anything to save her. Horvitz isn’t satisfied with this and he kills her. If Jimmy has been confused about his purpose or his motivation up until this point, he is most definitely going to become a major bad ass as things move forward. Anyone in his way will be dying a terrible merciless death. He scalped a dude for showing him disrespect. One can only imagine the harm he will do in revenge of his wife.