‘Boardwalk Empire’ Recap: ‘Bone For Tuna’

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HBO’s Boardwalk Empire has yet to disappoint and began its latest episode with another bat shit cray dream sequence. Nucky, stands in his office seeing a young boy with a bullet hole in his face in horror, only to then find that he holds the gun himself. Nucky is feeling regret for killing Jimmy and now he is to be knighted by the archdiocese.

Margaret does not back down. Now that she has forced Nucky to show his face in church, she decides to introduce Dr. Landau to the Catholic bishop and talks up his idea of educating the women of the hospital before their birth. The man who belittled her idea of prenatal care now has the bishop’s blessing and wants updates. And that is how it’s done. Women know how to work around a patriarchal construct to get what they want. Boo ya!

But Nucky still needs to meet with Rosetti and sees him in Tabor Heights. Even though Gyp was the one who insulted Nucky by stopping his shipment of booze to Rothstein last episode, Thompson invites him for a night on the town in Atlantic City. He recognizes Rosetti’s insane temper and decides to placate him for the time being. The men have dinner at Babbette’s and then Nucky takes Gyp over to Gillian’s brothel, but doesn’t come inside himself. If there is one major chink in Nucky’s armor it’s that he always underestimates the women in his life. What moron would set up Rosetti with Gillian without keeping a watchful eye on him? That’s like a recipe for disaster.

Gyp then visits Nucky’s warehouse and the ever adorable Owen Slater delivers him with a message. “Bone For Tuna,” he says. This makes fun of Rosetti’s Italian gesture during dinner when he wished for their mutual success. Something this slight wouldn’t bother too many people or they would brush it off as a joke, but Nucky knows Rosetti will stew over this for days. Gyp stops in Tabor Heights and murders the local sheriff that Nucky has been paying to let his shipments through. He pours gasoline over him and lights him afire.

Meanwhile Richard Harrow, aka the coolest character of the show, finds out that Micky Doyle has been taking credit for killing Manny Horvitz. So he finds him literally with his pants down and drags him by gun point to Nucky’s office. Thus plays out yet another brilliant scene of dialogue within this show. He tells Nucky that he doesn’t appreciate Micky taking credit for his work. When Nucky asks him why he killed Horvitz he replies, “Angela Darmody”. When Nucky asks him if this was really about Jimmy, Richard replies, “Jimmy was a soldier.”

Clearly, Richard is letting Nucky know that he doesn’t fear anything or anyone, especially not death. And that you shouldn’t even try to cross this guy. Nucky asks how many men Richard has killed and he says 63. We know of only one death that Nucky has conducted himself and it keeps him up at night.

Finally, we meet up with Van Alden who has the hottest wife ever. This man should just be happy as a clam to live this mundane lifestyle because honestly, what a freak in the sheets! However, the guys at work are able to convince him to go to a speak easy after they play a joke on him. Because Van Alden never backs down from people who challenge him, he goes along with them and is caught by the local police. When one officer sees that he is a first time offender he lets him pay him off and doesn’t cart him to jail. Now Van Alden knows the police are shady, which he hates. But also, now he is even more enamored by the idea of dropping this sales gig and getting into the booze gig, only on a different team maybe.