‘Boardwalk Empire’ Recap: ‘Battle Of The Century’

In the latest episode of HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’ a boxer is featured fighting an important match over the wireless, but the true fights were within the varying groups living in Atlantic City. Jimmy is constantly changing his approach and remains unsure while Nucky still fights for validation that he is a born leader.

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Nucky takes the extremely hot Owen Slater to Ireland to convince the resistance in giving him liquor. His leverage is a casket full of tommy guns and a promise of 3,000 more to help kill English troops. Slater is along for the ride, but remarkably he is able to use his charming good looks to help Nucky along the way.

McGarrigle, the Irish resistance leader is in negotiations with England to end the fighting between the two countries. As appealing as the tommy gun trade for whiskey sounds, he wants to put the killing aside. Owen Slater may seem like he has checked out of the resistance game, but as we learned two weeks ago when he choked a dude to death in the pub bathroom, he still care very much. He stands up to McGarrigle to show him his mistake in refusing Nucky and to prove that he is still a son of Ireland.

Margaret’s daughter has contracted polio which has left her paralyzed from the waist down. It’s anyone’s guess whether or not the little girl will live, but in the meantime Margaret is forced to let go of one of her maids and burn all her daughter’s belongings in order to contain the polio. While it may be true that Margaret is a strong woman, she definitely benefits from having an equal partner like Nucky to comfort her when she is most vulnerable.

Jimmy decides to betray Horvitz the butcher and strikes a deal with Remus for medical liquor. Al Capone makes for an interesting partner as well as Luciano, but Jimmy’s lack of strong decision making may lead to his downfall. Horvitz survives an attack by Waxy Gordon’s man and jacks him in the skull with an extremely sharp cleaver. Jimmy feels bad for RIchard Harrow and he makes out with a girl out of pity so that half-a-face can get a whole handful of action.

Nucky is able to go to Ireland on the pretense that he is burying his father’s body in his homeland. However, Eli attends their father’s real funeral with his large family and Esther the agent is tipped off by this. She attempts to break Eli’s right hand man but is unsuccessful this time. Eli however is a moral man who has always thrived on being recognized for his achievements. If Esther offers Eli a good deal he may easily become the best witness for Nucky’s prosecutor.

Chalky White takes Nucky’s advice and gives the word for the African American strike on Atlantic City. This is only the beginning and it may prove interesting for all parties once the going gets tough. Hopefully Chalky decides to be a more prominent figure in the series’ future because his whittling wood in the shed isn’t doing him any justice.

In the end, McGarrigle is killed by the resistance and accepts Nucky’s tommy guns in exchange for liquor. We get the general feeling that Owen played a major part in this and continues to stay loyal to the resistance. All anyone wants from this show is for dynamic characters to continue being exciting. And the ladies wouldn’t mind a few more Charlie Cox sexual encounters with various females.