‘Blue Valentine’ Gets Less Interesting With A Rated-R

Deadline.com confirmed yesterday that the uber-racy film, Blue Valentine received a rating change from NC-17 to R.  Harvey Weinstein made an appeal on behalf of the movie to the MPAA, convincing them to give it an R for “strong, sexual content, language, and a beating.”  Alrighty, then.  Your teens have a better chance of seeing the film!

Ryan Gosling, who co-stars in Valentine with Michelle Williams, is pleased with the rating change.  He told Us Magazine at the premiere Tuesday in NYC, “What NC-17 really means is that it can’t play in regular theaters and you can’t even show an ad for it on television. I don’t think it deserves that.”

Gosling had a fine time filming the love scenes with Williams (and it’s rumored the two were an item during the time, ahem).  He told the magazine, “I felt like Scottie Pippin and she was Michael Jordan.  Every time I gave her the ball, she just flew through the air and she slam-dunked it.”  Williams was also very passionate about the film.  She had spent seven years on the project, and couldn’t believe that it was almost complete.  The actress said, “The thought that this thing that I had spent seven years of my life on was down in its final stages was too much for me to bear.  I wasn’t ready to let it go.”