‘Blue Bloods’ Gears Up For Another Season With Donnie Wahlberg

After a first season of successes on the show on the CBS series ‘Blue Bloods’, producers are going to fix what isn’t broken. With a bad ass like Tom Selleck on board, what more could you ask for? According to TV Guide, Donnie Wahlberg’s character ‘Danny’ will be going through some intense family drama and may be pushed to his psychological brink. If we know anything about Wahlberg, he’ll have no trouble portraying this.

“In one episode, he has a fight with Linda that leaves him very irritated and it causes an incident on the street because he hasn’t gotten over that. So we see the police work affecting the home life and we see the home life affect the police work,” said Executive Producer Ed Zuckerman.

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Seen here, Donnie Wahlberg enjoys his time on the set of ‘Blue Bloods’ in New York City on August 26th. Donnie looks just as cute as when he was singing and dancing with New Kids On The Block. The cop uniform does wonders for him. He still doesn’t have anything on his ridiculous looking brother Mark, who has been promoting a new ‘Entourage’ film. Yummy!