Blow Out: Man Tears Were Shed

Bad Hair: 0, Jonathan: a million, Looks in the Mirror: 8, Therapist: 0, Tantrums: 1, Man Tears: 1

I played the drinking game, and decided to add a few categories including brags about self, and attempts at new catch phrases, and with those the game really gets you wasted.

It was pressure, pressure, pressure this episode for Scott and Clarissa who had their final exam at Jonathan’s cutting class and both passed with flying colors, even though Jonathan forced them to switch scissors in the middle of the cut. The music pumped in the background and the mood was as if McIver was dismantling a bomb with a toothpick while the two finished their styles, but Jonathan proudly awarded them business cards, making them both official stylist. His little assistants are just growing up so fast. Jonathan’s meeting with Scott about his new water purifier started off as usual with a tantrum but didn’t end with the expected “go fuck yourself.” Instead, Jonathan wept at the new box design and gave Scott a hug. Jonathan must have gone to the therapist without the video cameras that day, his mind was clear and he was nice to Scott, how unlike him, but endearing Jonathan, good job, or perhaps acting skills. Bacardi Limon called and wanted a three city style shoot for their product where Jonathan reunited with an old buddy Charlie Altoona to manage Miami, New York and LA styles all in record time. New York got a faux hawk and LA got a finger curl while Miami only in a bathing suit but got some good oomph too. “Bang-la-DESH” was the new catch phrase of the episode and Jonathan proclaimed his score against bad hair to be Bad Hair: Zero and Jonathan 1 Million, but what does Bang-la-DESH really mean and who’s keeping score? Who cares, it gave me a reason to take another drink, as well as the score proclamation making the episode that much more enjoyable.

Written By Meredith T. White

Tags: Recaps